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William's Community School is built on the strong philosophical belief that, given the right supports, every child can thrive. We are committed to ensuring a challenging and accepting educational environment with a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships. We strive to provide a sense of safety, community and family to students and parents by fostering and developing a successful partnership. At William's Community School, we encourage students to develop caring attitudes and respect towards themselves, other children, adults, their school and their environment. We recognize each child's individuality and provide differentiated teaching to meet individual needs and capitalize on unique learning styles. We offer a broad, balanced, appropriate curriculum that encourages optimal social, emotional, and academic development. Our classrooms and facility grounds provide a peaceful atmosphere to support concentration and encourage an orderly environment.

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Phone Number: 512-250-5700
Address: 5209 Duval Road
Austin, TX 78727
We are unique in that we provide all therapies to children in-house, allowing for families to help their children receive education and services under one roof instead traveling to different locations for these services. We are also the first school in the Austin area to be designed specifically for those with sensory needs, and are proud to have sensory-friendly design features to provide a positive learning environment for our students. The CDC now estimates that 1/68 children is diagnosed with autism, and we want to help them have the personalized education they deserve. WCS is a thriving school that serves the growing number of children with autism and other developmental learning needs in the Austin area. Along with the hardships of everyday living, families are overwhelmed by the costs of educating and caring for these special children. The need for a school tailored for children with special needs is more important than ever. WCS provides a wonderful learning environment but we need your help! This year our goal is to raise $40,000 through Amplify - please consider supporting our kids and school!

Impact Statement

Our program promotes the development of imagination, self-confidence, and independence in our students. All activities are carefully planned to embrace and develop student's strengths and interests across seven key domains:

Personal, social, and emotional development
Language and literacy
Mathematics and problem-solving
Creative development
Environment and science
Critical thinking
Physical development
Only the most effective teaching practices, borne out of scientific research, are employed. An emphasis is placed on the use of Applied Behavior Analytic principles, Positive Behavior Supports, and social learning programs.

Our theme-based enrichment classes vary by semester but frequently include dramatic and fine arts, organic gardening, sign language, yoga, culinary arts, computers/technology, environmental stewardship and cultural studies.

Needs Statement

Some of our goals for 2018 include:
- replacing TWO leaking air conditioning units
- purchasing equipment for our therapy rooms
- funding a portable/modular home to expand our school capacity and programs
- carpet for motor room walls
- increased funding to expand speech/OT therapy programs
-increase benefits for teachers
"William's Community School provides a healthy, loving environment, open doors between parents, teachers & students. This journey for our family is a constant learning & growing experience. We couldn't imagine our daily lives without William's Community School's presence. Forever grateful for our son's extraordinary progress!"?? J.N., parent of a child at? William's Community School

"William's Community School is an amazing school. The staff is friendly, happy, fun and always going above and beyond their duties to help out the students. I recommend William's Community School to every parent that is looking for a safe, loving and fun environment for their child with autism to grow, learn and prosper." J.L., parent of a child at? William's Community School
Google Fiber has offered a $10,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating education organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
- Volunteer recruitment
- Office task assistance
- Peer models/buddies (child-teenager positions)
- Teacher helpers (child-teenager positions)
- Media creation assistance (photos of our kids on field trips, sharing posts about our school on social media sites, etc.)
- Library assistance
- Field trip helpers
- Classroom specialty topic groups
- Facilities and groundskeeping assistance
- Pool day assistance (helpers are high school age or above)

For more information on volunteering, please e-mail info@williamscommunityschool.org ! WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS! :)