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William Mosing Center

William's Commnity School, in short, provides a unique education to very unique kids. I'm lucky to serve on a team of incredibly talented educators and therapist under one very small non profit roof to provide services to children and teens on the autism spectrum. I am apart of a family at WCS that goes above and beyond for each other in a very unique environment built around individualized education, communication, and most of all empathy for our fellow human. My students are my world. They are my greatest educators as well as my greatest friends. I feel honored every day to be in their lives and working with them to constantly become better versions of themselves. As a non profit school WCS needs your help which is why we have linked up with Amplify Austin for our spring fundraiser. A small donation is one step towards fixing two air conditioners in our building, more classroom materials, and furthering our outside therapy services like speech and OT. I'm personally asking 10 friends and family to be willing to give $10 to meet our class goal of $100.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Molly Hils

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A small gesture can go a long way!

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Donated so far: Julie Murphy  |  Karen Rodela   |  Mike Tullos  |  Dave and Bonnie Corna  |  Barta Family  |  Jeff & Kim on Scorpion Hill  |  Rubin Family  |  Paul Charbonneau  |  Candy Miller  |  Kaitlyn Rubin   |  Sherry & Gerry Hils
Creator: Molly Hils
Goal: $2,000.00
Raised: $6,627.45