Austin Parks Foundation

In 2009, HCIC along with Austin Parks Foundation and your support installed a shaded seating structure. Other enhancements over the past 8 years have included:
- Fixing the water drainage
- Installing bike racks
- Building 16 birdhouses and 3 owl boxes
- Creating the native plant garden
- 2 rain gardens
- Planting Mt. Laurels and other trees
- Installing Bat Houses, and 2 Purple Martin Stations
- Bird feeding station
- Acquiring mirrors for safety around blind corners
- Marking dangerous cracks w/ red paint 3 times
- Acquiring signage for the park Signs West
- General care, planting, clean up and maintenance.
We have now gotten the Veloway re-surfaced and on an official maintenance plan with the city. We also just installed 4 Native American Screech Owl Boxes seen while on track in March 2017. The 4 metal benches at the front were sanded and repainted June 2017. The 4 Benches around the track were repainted June 2017. In Nov.2017 we added Bike Fit It station with added skate tools to work on Quad and Inline skates. These are all part of a commitment the HCIC has made since 2006 when we adopted the Veloway.

Now, the HCIC needs your support to raise funds to continue the enhancements at the Veloway. There are many improvements in the works, installing bike fix it station including skate tools, installing more bird houses and owl boxes, 1 more mirror in last blind corner and the addition of a picnic area. Donations of all sizes help! No donation too small or too big!

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Creator: HCIC Hill Country Inline Club
Goal: $10,000.00
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