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The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum exhibits the work of Charles Umlauf, his influences, and other contemporary sculptors in a natural setting, and provides educational experiences that encourage the understanding and appreciation of sculpture.

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Phone Number: 512-445-5582
Address: 605 Robert E Lee Road
Austin, TX 78704
In order to maintain and expand our initiatives, we rely on donors like you. We are so grateful for the support that has allowed us to keep our Museum accessible to everyone, to reach more youth through art education, and, through our exhibitions and permanent collection, to use the Garden and Museum as an inclusive teaching tool for the appreciation of art. Please help us realize even more of our goals, which center on inclusivity in art education and experience.

Within the Programs department, the UMLAUF has expanded several of our offerings. Our Shaping Space art education outreach program now has the ability to serve nineteen recreation centers in the City of Austin. With this expansion, we can now reach 380 more youth than last year. Through this program, we now provide art education out in the Austin community to roughly six-hundred students. In order to expand our education initiatives and outreach, the UMLAUF has trained its first cohort of docents, who give tours of our rotating exhibitions and permanent collection in the Garden to groups of all ages, available by appointment. Every third Saturday of the month, the UMLAUF offers a free, public drop in tour.

After Hurricane Harvey, the UMLAUF welcomed a sculpture by our Museum's namesake on long term loan from the Rockport Center for the Arts. The sculpture will be on view in the Garden while the Center rebuilds after hurricane damages. In addition to this loan, the UMLAUF has added six sculptures to its permanent collection. Additionally, early in 2018, the UMLAUF is moving forward on installing sculpture lights in an effort to expand our accessibility by allowing extended viewing hours though our UMLAUF After Dark program. This marks the first year that UMLAUF After Dark will occur on a consistent, monthly basis.

Impact Statement

Nestled in a beautiful setting in the heart of Austin, the UMLAUF is committed to inclusivity in art appreciation. To this end, we have broadened both our bounds and scope of art and art education. With its hub set in our beautiful Garden, the UMLAUF goes beyond the Museum's four walls out into the community through our Shaping Space program, which provides roughly six-hundred youth with art education though eight week sessions that foster empowerment through creative self-expression. In terms of scope, the UMLAUF incorporates music in its arts engagement through UMLAUF Presents. In partnership with the Austin Symphony, this event showcases classical musicians in an annual evening of music and art side by side. In an effort to maximize our educative impact, in addition to our outreach programs, our exhibition publications, and our docent-led tours, we provide opportunities for interns to have a hand in multi-faceted realms of Museum work. In an effort to involve a variety of generations in experiencing art, we provide programs for all ages, from Shaping Space, to Family Day, to docent-led tours for all ages.

Our efforts at the UMLAUF center on inclusivity, accessibility, and appreciation of a broad range of art engagement, enhanced by educative tools. Donations to the UMLAUF provide critical support to arts programming and exhibitions, access to the arts for at risk youth, developing accessibility to maximize inclusivity, and preserving the Museum collection. Thank you for supporting us in our mission. We could not do what we do without you.

Needs Statement

The UMLAUF's commitment is to exhibit artworks in an approachable, accessible, natural setting. Donations to the Museum help support Museum rotating exhibitions, upkeep of the Museum collection, our art education outreach programs, and continued long-term restoration projects.

Admission and grant funding covers only a portion of our operating costs; the remaining percentage comes from donors like you. We assure you, every dollar counts.

1. $25 adds up. Every contribution impacts our larger goal of making the understanding and appreciation of art accessible to a wide, inclusive audience
2. $50 supports docent training for each new exhibition
3. $75 provides art supplies for one session of UMLAUF Summer Camp
4. $150 can provide one braille engraved sculpture plaque for visually impaired visitors
5. $200 can provide bus transportation for one Austin area school to visit the UMLAUF for a free Docent-led tour
6. $300 sponsors free entrance for 50 families to attend Family Day
7. $500 supports UMLAUF Art Education programming for 1 Austin area school
8. $1,000 can provide waxing and cleaning supplies for our educational bronze conservation workshop for volunteers
9. $5,000 offers free educational exhibition brochures for all visitors for two exhibitions
"Family Day ... was fantastic. Sculptures, gardens, live music, and crafts. Me and my 15 year old daughter had a great time. She is intellectually disabled and everything at the Umlauf was engaging and enriching for us both. She loved the animal sculptures. I loved the abstracts. We both loved the waterfall in the garden. The staff and craft teachers were great with us both. I recommend the Umlauf for all ages and abilities!" -Gloria

"All the plants and ponds looked like a beautiful landscape in a painting. This was one of my favorite field trips. I can't wait to come back and see the great sculptures." - Abigail, age 9

"The UMLAUF was awesome! I loved how you and the community made the Garden such a peaceful place. The docents were really kind and told fantastic stories. I loved learning about all of the sculptures."Andy, age 12

"I loved every one of the statues but my favorite was the hippo. Thank you for letting me have a great experience." -Zooey, age 11

"It is so cool that you can touch the sculptures! Including this dimension of experience enhanced my visit." -Amy

"The exhibition was amazing! Being able to see the actual tools the artist used was a really cool experience. I liked the way they re-built the studio, and I hope the Umlauf house opens to the public some day." Ron (in reference to the 2016 exhibition, "Studio in the Museum: An Interactive Recreation of Charles Umlauf's Studio")

"I had no idea Farrah Fawcett was such an amazing artist. From this exhibition, you can tell that her art practice came first for her. Very informative exhibition!" -Katherine (in reference to the 2017 exhibition, "Mentoring a Muse: Charles Umlauf and Farrah Fawcett")

"ONE of my favorite places in Austin to enjoy Art and Nature in a peaceful setting. Take the family, go alone, bring some friends but go and support this local gem." -Rebecca

"I went with a group of kids from my work as a field trip. They kids loved it and I did also. I learned so much and was amazed. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful jobs. The guides we had Wednesday were amazing. I asked our kids if they like this more than the dinosaur park we went to the day before and they said yes. They said they liked it cause they learned about it not just looking at it." -Alisha
The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum is seeking front desk volunteers. The UMLAUF is a wonderful Oasis of art and nature in South Austin. Because the museum is unlike any other, our volunteer experience is just as special.

Call us today at 512-445-5582 ext 106 or email the Museum Manager at for more information.