Organizational Overview

Texsar, Inc.
P.O. Box 171258
Austin, 78717

Mission Statement

"Committing to service-above-self, perpetual training, and inter-agency cooperation to maintain a constant state of readiness for search, rescue, incident response and above all else, safety."

TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in May, 2005. TEXSAR was formed to provide local, state and federal agency personnel with critical back-up support when emergencies occur, involving such things as wildland fire, flood and swift water rescue, and search and rescue. Limited staff resources in many law enforcement offices today mean a well-trained, responsive and coordinated volunteer assistance program like TEXSAR is welcome. With more than 180 highly trained volunteers, TEXSAR is deployed by the Governor of Texas; local, state and federal agencies; and relief organizations. There is never a charge for TEXSAR's services.

TEXSAR began in 2005. During those ten years, the organization was operated entirely by volunteers. Volunteers not only pay membership fees, they provide their own gear, and pay for their training and certifications in different disciplines. They also spend considerable time supporting local, state and federal law enforcement in emergency response situations, and on a moment's notice.

In 2016, TEXSAR was called to action on more than 48 incidents. They helped in the search in Alpine, Texas, for ZuZu Verk, were called in to help with the Caldwell County Balloon accident, as well as engaged by the Texas Rangers on several missing persons cases. In addition to deployments by Law Enforcement, TEXSAR also assists Galveston County on Bolivar Peninsula during major holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day, acting as a force multiplier for safety.

TEXSAR members are certified in many Search and Rescue disciplines, such as Flood and Swift Water Rescue, Ground Search and Rescue, Man-tracking, Vertical Rescue, K9 Search and Rescue, Incident Management.

Impact Statement

TEXSAR has been involved in the following activities:

-Missing Person Searches (including ZuZu Verk)
-Canine Searches
-Water Searches
-Central Texas Floods
-Air Search Operations
-Large Event Safety and Support
-Community Service and Education
-Disaster Relief (including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and Isaac)
-Support/Rehab for Central Texas Fires
-Victim Extractions and First Aid
-Shelter Operations

Needs Statement

TEXSAR operates with a part-time Executive Director and the support of its all-volunteer members. The members are financially responsible for their training, equipment, and deployment expenses.
What TEXSAR needs in order to be fully effective are key items of equipment to use during search and rescue emergencies, from boats, motors, and trailers, to fire fighting equipment, medical equipment, and K-9 GPS units (and more). Staging equipment with each of the five state-wide teams allows our response time to be much more immediate. The focus of our Amplify Austin 2017 campaign will be on funding equipment for emergency use.

"I got involved with TEXSAR in order to fulfill my desire to serve our communities in a grassroots capacity and to sharpen my skills in the emergency management field. I quickly fell in love with the organization and people on the team because of the pure and selfless desire of our team members to serve the communities we live and work in." ~ Justen R. Noakes (see TEXSAR on GreatNonprofits for more)

"TEXSAR is an invaluable resource for law enforcement and public safety, and I will not hesitate to call on them for assistance in any search and rescue incident." ~ Police Lieutenant at City of Georgetown

"TEXSAR is a vital resource and force multiplier for Nueces County during emergency response and pre-incident planning. The training and professionalism exhibited by this volunteer organization sets a standard of excellence." ~Danielle Hale, Nueces County Office of Emergency Management
TEXSAR is a statewide search and rescue (SAR) organization. We encompass a wide variety of search, rescue, and disaster management specialties. Volunteers do not need to have any prior SAR experience to become a member of TEXSAR. There are roles available for incident management, specific consulting expertise, as well as field deployment. Although we are all volunteers, the professionalism demanded by our mission requires a substantial time commitment. There are four basic time requirements of members - training meetings, field training, community outreach events, and deployments.
All TEXSAR members are required to complete a series of basic training modules from the National Incident Management System (NIMS) before they can participate in active deployments.
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