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Mission Statement

The Texas Tribune is the only member-supported, digitally focused, nonpartisan news organization that informs and engages with Texans about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. We cover education, energy and the environment, government and politics, health and human services, criminal justice, race and immigration, transportation and investigative reporting.

This is an important time for the kind of fact-based, nonpartisan journalism we produce at the Tribune - our reporting, data and public events provide greater awareness on issues in every major public policy area - public and higher education, immigration, transportation, health care, infrastructure and the like.

During the 85th session of the Texas Legislature and beyond, our watchdog reporting helps contextualize how policy decisions made by elected officials affect the lives of everyday Texans.

With your help, we'll do an even better job of connecting the dots. The work we produce is free to consume, but not to create. We make it happen, but you make it possible. Give generously today. Thank you!

Impact Statement

Our goal has been to raise the level of access to information on the issues affecting all Texans. We believe that education is the first step toward greater civic engagement. Big policy and political problems can't be solved if Texans don't know about them. Every Tribune story and event is executed with the goal to help Texans engage with decision makers and with each other to understand important political and public policy matters.

Needs Statement

$25 supports free public events and transparency: We hold more than 50 events a year all across Texas, so that you have the opportunity to hear from lawmakers and appointed officials directly and via livestreaming.

$40 supports sustained community engagement: Citizen-supported journalism depends on generous support. Contribute to help ensure an engaged and informed Texas.

$65 supports access and innovation: Complicated stories and data become more understandable and accessible with our data applications and interactives.

$100 supports investigative reporting: Our award-winning reporters dig deep to deliver in-depth investigative reports about issues of statewide concern.

Please note: The Texas Tribune cannot accept anonymous donations.

"In-depth balanced reporting that I can find in no other Texas newspaper."

"You give the most complete, unbiased news about Texas. Thanks!"

"You are a perfect foil for the craziness of the current media coverage."

"You get it right every time...real news not fake news...keep it up. You are needed now more than ever."

"It is the only source of comprehensive, statewide news."

"Fair, balanced, unbiased, timely and extensively investigated information!"
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A very sincere thank you to Jeff Hahn and Allen Gilmer for offering generous matching funds for public service journalism this Amplify Austin Day!