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The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund counters the growing influence of the religious right by providing education, research and activist-skills training in the areas of religious freedom, civil liberties and public education.

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IRS EIN: 74-2788317
Website: http://www.tfn.org
Email: rachel@tfn.org
Phone Number: 512-322-0545
Address: P.O. Box 1624
Austin, TX 78767
TFN's strategic objectives, flexible approach to the changing dynamics of the Texas political climate, and the passion of our tremendous network of supporters make this a time of excitement at the potential impact we can have in our efforts to promote progressive values and policies in Texas as well as hold our elected officials accountable.

Impact Statement

For more than two decades, TFN has been on the front lines in the fight to preserve the separation of church and state and oppose extremist policies that erode that key constitutional principle in Texas. TFN has developed a respected national profile and a successful track record of organizing grassroots activists, providing leadership and advocacy trainings and empowering student leaders through our Texas Rising program. TFN has mobilized tens of thousands of activists in support of common-sense, evidence-based education policy in Texas, reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality and religious freedom.

Needs Statement

TFN depends on the generous support of individual donors, major gifts and foundation grants. Your contribution will help support our advocacy goals and key programmatic plans.

"I founded TFN in 1995 because the values of public education, religious freedom and civil liberties were under attack... Today, our mission has never been more important."
-- Cecile Richards, TFN Founder

"TFN is one of the most strategic and relevant advocacy organizations around."
-- James Aldrete, President of Message Audience & Presentation

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Our Amplify Ambassador Amira Anne Glickman has generously agreed to match all donations for #AmplifyATX -- up to $30,000!
TFN's work would not be possible without the energy and talent of our fabulous volunteers. From helping with mailings and event planning to advocacy efforts, outreach and tabling, TFN has the most dedicated team of volunteers in the state.