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Sustainable Food Center cultivates a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. SFC envisions a food secure community where all children and adults grow, share and prepare healthy, local food.

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Phone Number: 512-220-1094
Address: 2921 E 17th St Building C
Austin, TX 78702
Food touches every aspect of the things we care about most: our health, our environment, and our economy. Food has the power to unite, heal, and bring joy.

At Sustainable Food Center, food is at the heart of everything we do. We envision a food secure community where everyone has access to healthy, local food raised with integrity and care - our health, our economy, and our environment depend on it.

Our vision for the future is one of abundance, health, and justice, but we're up against big odds. We ask you to join with us as we work together to grow a sustainable and just food system that benefits everyone in our community.

Through your generosity, we hope to raise $50,000 to support our community, school & backyard gardeners; our local, family farmers who steward our land; our access programs that make healthy food available to all; and our cooking & nutrition education classes open to everyone in our community.

Imagine the impact your gift will make to the future of our community. With your support:

- more people in Austin will grow their own food, children and adults from all walks of life will have access to fresh, healthy food

- our land will be protected for future generations by local farmers who enrich the soil and protect our water

- children will learn to make healthy food choices, and adults will learn the skills they need to cook healthy food for themselves and their families.

Strengthening a food system in peril is hard work, but together we can ensure children and adults have increased access to locally grown food and are empowered to improve the long-term health of Central Texans and our environment.

Thank you for supporting our local food community during Amplify Austin 2018!

Impact Statement

Because Sustainable Food Center is very focused on hunger/food insecurity and obesity prevention, we primarily target families, neighborhoods and schools within the most economically disadvantaged zip codes of Austin. Within our target population, 70% are Hispanic/Latino, 20% are African-American, 8% are Caucasian, and 2% are Asian; 80% of the children attending partner schools are economically disadvantaged; and 75% are low-income families who are at risk for household food insecurity and/or diet-related illnesses.

The impact of this work will be improved access to healthy food among at least 120,000 children and 220,000 adults in Central Texas.

Needs Statement

Sustainable Food Center addresses environmental, economic, cultural, and skills-based challenges to healthy food access in communities most at risk of diet-related disease and food insecurity through sustainable, scalable, and replicable community-based solutions. Information presented in the Austin/Travis County Community Health Assessment (A/TC-CHA) Report published by Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department in 2012 clearly links ethnicity and income with obesity and unhealthy behaviors. Distributions of poverty are highest among Hispanic and African American individuals; obesity is more prevalent in lower-income as well as Hispanic and African American individuals, and fruit and vegetable consumption is lower in the same populations. Focus group participants and key informant interviewees contributing to the A/TC-CHA process identified higher cost of healthy foods, limited access to healthy food sources, and a need for more education in at-risk communities as compounding factors to obesity rates and behavior patterns.
"It's been amazing to watch all the life the garden attracts, from bugs and amphibians, to birds and mammals. Gawking at the garden at all hours of the day or night makes me feel like a kid again, full of wonder and excitement over the simplest things. Thank you!"
- Joseph, Spread the Harvest participant

"Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables helps [cut down on seizures] so I'm cutting out all hormonal foods. I need to have a 90% organic diet. My dad helps supplement but DDIP has helped me get more organic food. I'm now able to afford it. I make sure to get to the farmers' market every Saturday and I get there early to make sure I get a good selection. I spend all $40 of my Double Dollars every Saturday and I walk away with enough vegetables for the whole week. I'm at home most of the time so I like the social aspect. I see a lot of nice people and most of the vendors know me. It makes me feel like I'm included in something."
- Double Dollars Program participant

"I'm reading labels, eating less salt/sugar, less processed foods. I started a vegetable herb garden, I bought good knives, doing more farmers' market shopping. This was such a valuable, meaningful, and rewarding experience."
- The Happy Kitchen free six-week series class participant

St. David's Foundation has offered a $1M matching grant to be distributed among their nonprofit Grant Partners on Amplify Austin Day. St. David's Foundation's 2018 Grant Partners will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day. Last year, this match resulted in a 30% boost to the funds raised by Grant Partners on the Day.

Volunteer Opportunities vary from week to week and month to month. SFC offers episodic opportunities on any given day of the week as well as committed on-going opportunities. Some ongoing opportunities include: Information Booth at the SFC Farmers' Markets, Taste the Place Tent, Office Volunteers for Data Entry, School Garden Volunteers and General Administrative Volunteers.