Story Circle Network

Organizational Overview

Story Circle Network
Story Circle Network
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Mission Statement

"Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving." ― Madeleine L'Engle
The Story Circle Network is dedicated to helping women share the stories of their lives through memoir, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama, and to raising public awareness of the culture importance of women's individual personal histories. We carry out our mission through publications, a website, classes, workshops, writing and reading circles, and woman-focused programs. Our activities empower women to tell their stories, discover their identities through their stories, and choose to be the authors of their own lives.

"We learn best to listen to our own voices if we are listening to other women, whose stories, for all our differences, turn out to be our stories also." -Barbara Deming
For over 20 years, the Story Circle Network has encouraged women to share the stories of their lives through story circles, reading circles, retreats, workshops, classes, conferences--and through SCN's many print and online publications. For our 10th Austin conference (July, 2018) we are focusing on diversity and difference. We will offer scholarships for women of color. The conference will feature workshops that encourage us to explore and share our experiences of diversity, difference, and similarity.

Impact Statement

"What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open." -Muriel Rukeyser
Women's stories, told and shared, can have long-ranging, transformative impacts on the individual storyteller, her family, her community, her world. We are all strengthened and heartened when we share the truths of our individual experiences, especially when these concern issues of exclusion, injustice, social action, and human rights.

Needs Statement

Story Circle plans to create a fund of $4000 for 8-10 scholarships for women of color to attend the national conference in Austin in 2018.

Thank you for providing a forum for writers who aren't (yet!) among the top creative writers in the country, but who want to be true to their calling for self expression. The Story Circle Network is a great blessing in my life.-Pat in Florida,

There is no way to adequately say 'thank you'. The ten women (in my OWL-Circle) bonded so quickly. It was just wonderful! I am the most blessed because I got to hear all the stories and empower them to make the connections. It was truly a glorious have breathed such life into the lives of so many people and I am so grateful to you.-Rosalie in New York

I can't tell you how much finding your organization has meant to me. I am convinced that lifewriting is a tool for health and healing as well as leaving a legacy for our children and grandchildren.-Sylvia in Idaho, April 2005

I think the OWL program is one of the very best ideas ever for the Arts Council...we need to keep it going, both for new sessions and for alumni to continue to meet and write and share. I definitely want to ... continue to do this... The entire concept is fun, rewarding, cathartic and educational. I also think it reinforces the whole idea that you are never too old to learn and try something new.-President of Arts Council of Bainbridge, Georgia

I have never before felt the inclination to 'affiliate' with anything. Story Circle Network appeared on this screen as the most fiercely loving energy for women with the NEED to write...I could not believe my eyes. These circles have changed my life in these last months. And I don't mean that in a small way. It is huge. It is as if each writing topic, each book selection, each offering by all the members is 'godgiven' directly to me, for my benefit. Amazing. Makes it crystal clear that we all have such common ground, such common heart. I am not dancing in these circles because I am bored and need a hobby. It is something else entirely. And it is Spiritual.-Grace in New Mexico