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We transform lives by using collaborative songwriting to expand creativity, connections, and strengths.

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Phone Number: 512-387-5857
Address: PO Box 161826
Austin, TX 78716
Your support of SongwritingWith:Soldiers helps build trust, connection, and a sense of well-being for veterans and their families.

This uniquely Austin program, founded by local singer-songwriter Darden Smith, pairs professional songwriters with veterans in beautiful retreat settings to write songs together about military experiences, combat, and the return home.

What better gift from the Live Music Capital of the World than songs that give a voice to service members returning from the front? Participants have used words like "healing," "cathartic," "validating," "transformative," and "fun" to describe SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

This year we are doubling our programs and hosting an all-female veteran retreat and a retreat for military spouses, in addition to our retreats for all veterans and service members. Our goal is to bring this beneficial program to as many veterans, service members, and military families as possible in 2018 and share the stories told to bridge the military and civilian communities.

Impact Statement

Songwriting:WithSoldiers was founded in Austin, but it affects the lives of veterans and their families and communities across the nation. Another way that Austin spreads the love and MUSIC!

Needs Statement

SongwritingWith:Soldiers celebrated five years of service, 2018 will double its retreats, veterans served and stories shared:
$25: Covers a veteran's CD of all the songs written and recorded at the retreat
$75: Pays for a veteran's Retreat Book with song lyrics, photographs, and highlights from the weekend
$100: Sponsors Songwriting and Creativity Workshop supplies
$250: Supports personalized DVDs of song and concert performances for all participants
$500: Helps pay for Creativity Workshops (photography, journaling, and more) and Relaxation Sessions (massage, yoga) for veterans
$1000: Supports retreat music recording, sound engineer, and production costs
$2500: Provides meals for veterans and their families during a retreat
$5000: Provides accommodations for veterans and their families for a retreat
$50,000: Sponsors an entire retreat. Join us as a VIP guest, meet the songwriters and veterans, share meals, and watch the transformation happen.

Any amount you can contribute helps! You have our deepest thanks - and the thanks of our SongwritingWith:Soldiers veterans, military couples, and military families too!
"Thank you for a wonderful, uplifting, intense time! All combat Veterans should do this! It must be a requirement after coming home from combat." (SW:S Retreat 2016)

"This weekend was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I'm gonna go buy a guitar now so I can sing my song to the world...I love you guys." (SW:S Retreat 2016)

"I have served so many others and forget to serve myself. You all were my motivation, hope, and have given me renewed strength to continue doing great things. Yes, there is a BRIGHTER FUTURE. Thank you." (SW:S Retreat 2017)

"In life, bonds get stronger when you are dealing with the darkest things in your life; you need the moral support. The whole experience for me was inspirational." (SW:S Retreat 2017)

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