Funding needed for players to travel to Ohio, NJ and NY for Development Sled Hockey Camps!

The Austin Blades Sled Hockey team is growing. Since Sled Hockey isn't well known here in Austin Texas like it is up north and other areas of the U.S., the players have to travel to receive more training to become better players. We are working on making more awareness of Sled Hockey and also trying to recruit more physically challenged individuals to join our team.

The Austin Blades mission is to empower children and adults that are physically-challenged by introducing them to the competitive sport of Sled Hockey, and provide them with an on-ice experience. Our goal is to get individuals with physical disabilities to take part in a competitive team sport, just like able-bodied individuals. We promote physical fitness, self-confidence, family values, and build personal and athletic skills in a positive team-building atmosphere. Comprised of both youth and adults, the Blades strive to expand awareness of Sled Hockey to the greater Austin area. Our motto is Nothing is Impossible!


Our team placed 3rd in the 2017 USA National Disabled Sled Hockey Festival Tournament

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Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $45.00