Organizational Overview

SIMS Foundation
PO Box 2152
Austin, 78768

Mission Statement

The SIMS Foundation provides access and financial support for mental health and addiction recovery services to Austin musicians, music industry professionals, and their family members.

The SIMS Foundation provides mental health and addiction recovery to Austin musicians and their families. SIMS contributes to Austin's thriving music community with healthier, happier, more productive musicians and families who are educated about mental health and addiction, unimpeded by stigma, and can easily access quality, affordable services. A donation to SIMS enables us to provide our clients with proven and reliable treatments for depression, anxiety, stage fright, relationship problems, addiction, and other serious mental health issues that affect Austin musicians and their family members.

We serve over 600 Austin musicians and their families each year with a Cadillac-level of personalized care administered by licensed clinicians and over 80 provider therapists, psychiatrists, and partner organizations like Austin Child Guidance Center, Austin Recovery, Sage Health & Wellness, Sendero Healthplans, and many more.
Austin is a growing city and the music industry is directly responsible for part of that growth. Our city is seen as a destination for live music, festival culture, and fun. But, with this growth comes a strain on our already crippled mental health system in Travis County. It is estimated that 25% of the local population are affected by mental illness. With rapid growth and a struggling mental health system we see no shortage of opportunity to serve.

A donation to SIMS today leads to a more vibrant local music scene, better community economic health, and decreased dysfunction associated with mental illness and substance abuse. Thank you for supporting our Austin musicians!

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Impact Statement

Each year SIMS connects hundreds of musicians with counseling, psychiatric, and addiction treatment services that include:

• Short and long-term individual, family, and band counseling;
• Psychiatric evaluations and ongoing medication management;
• Medically supervised detoxification;
• Intensive residential and outpatient treatment;
• Continued care at sober living facilities;
• Recovery-focused counseling by addiction recovery specialists.

Over the last 20 years, the SIMS Foundation has built a network of specialized treatment with over 60 vetted providers and partner organizations like Seton Mind Institute, Austin Recovery, and Hickory Wind Ranch. SIMS licensed clinical staff provide the best possible care for musicians through careful case management and by working closely with providers, many of whom have worked with SIMS for over ten years.

Our impact is measured in countless healthy relationships, strong coping skills for stress, recovery from alcohol and drug addictions, tools to tackle depression and other serious mental health conditions, and creative and productive relationships with band mates.

In 2015, SIMS dramatically increased access to services by opening up eligibility to music industry professionals in Austin. Now, roadies, lighting technicians, sound engineers, and the other professionals who make live music happen in Austin can receive SIMS services.

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Needs Statement

$25,000 makes Intensive Outpatient Treatment an available service to all SIMS clients. Chemically dependent musicians continue making music in Austin while receiving intensive day-treatment to support long-term sobriety.

$10,000 provides treatment for one musician struggling with alcoholism or addiction including medical detoxification, 28 days of inpatient treatment, and up to 3 months in a sober living halfway house.

$5,000 enables SIMS to provide five local bands with Band-Aid, a therapeutic intervention for bands not unlike family counseling.

$2,500 provides one full year of individual or couples counseling to one musician or family member in need. Adolescents included.

$1,000 offers one SIMS client to have a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and one year of supervised medication management.

$500 pays for 10 counseling sessions.

$250 pays for a week in sober living, or a day in detox.

$125 gives a musician one day in rehab.

$50 pays for one counseling session.

$35 fills a prescription for medication when they need it most.

"I've seen the successes that other friends have had dealing with SIMS, getting counseling, getting treatment. I know that my friends with problems will get attention they need from SIMS. "
- Jody Denberg, KUTX Austin Radio

"To be able to talk with someone makes it much easier to be productive and focused and feeling confident-which is necessary when you're a musician."
- Kat Edmonson, SIMS Client/ Musician

"I had just gotten to a point in my life where nothing really seemed to work. At that point, I decided that it wasn't going to be worth it anymore…Without SIMS, I'd be dead. There's no question about it."
- Nakia, SIMS Client/Musician

"I want to say, SIMS assistance has made a tremendous difference in my life. Unexpected difficulties arose, and with the guidance and support I received through SIMS, I am making it through. I am very grateful to this foundation and all your efforts."
- Anonymous client

"I feel like life is always going to be a constant transformation, but working with my SIMS therapist - it's opening up a lot for me. He's my rock."
- Ashley Monical

"There was somebody close in my family who reached out to SIMS. It had a very personal effect on me. It really is an amazing organization-one that is so worthy of Austin's support, and it will help everyone to continue to make great music."
- Margaret Moser, Director of Austin Music Awards
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