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PAWS Shelter of Central Texas

I have been working with PAWS Shelter of Central Texas for a dozen years or more. They are a small organization doing HUGE good works! It's a struggle every day to keep everything going, but they forge on to save, on average 1000+ animals a year, making extraordinary efforts to find the best forever home for each and every animal. Can you find it in your heart to give a little or a lot to help them out. Thanks!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Sibby Barrett

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Help PAWS help all homeless animals find their forever homes!

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Donated so far: Jeannie Caldwell  |  Evonne and Melody  |  Bryan Davidson  |  Jean Castillo  |  Randy & Betsy Brock  |  Daiza Fogle  |  Sara Hencke  |  Lisa Tipps  |  Sibby Barrett & Shelley Hurley  |  Kathy Lux
Creator: Sibby Barrett
Goal: $1,500.00
Raised: $3,577.75