Shadow Cats Rescue

Organizational Overview

Shadow Cats Rescue
PO Box 720
Round Rock, 78680

Mission Statement

To improve the lives of cats in Austin and surrounding areas by promoting and facilitating TNR (trap, neuter and return) and spay and neuter programs as well as providing a life-long home in a limited-space sanctuary environment for cats that require on-going care due to age, injury or illness.

Shadow Cats has been serving the Austin and surrounding areas since 1997. We are as passionate about our work today as the day we first opened our doors to cats in need. Our immediate work is directed towards the special needs cats currently in our care, our Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) program and to maintain our present facility in order to support as many cats as possible. In 2015 we expect to increase our intake of feline leukemia cats to the Sanctuary by 20% and to sterilize over 500 free roaming cats.

We are on track in meeting our projected goals to establish a larger facility that will help us impact even more special needs and community cats. With this expansion, we will be able to increase our community outreach and give safe haven to even more cats that are ill or injured and have few options. The high level of quality veterinary care we currently provide will continue on a much larger scale. Please visit our 'Future Fund' page on our website for more details.

The need for our services is tremendous. We are often the last stop- the safety net- for many cats. With a new facility and with your support, our doors will open to many more feline leukemia, injured or ill cats in need.

Our Sponsorship Program continues strong. Sponsorship of any of our cats at $20 per month helps us sustain our budget for veterinary needs. As the number of cats we care for increases, veterinary costs also increase. We anticipate $80K in veterinary expenses in 2015.

Shadow Cats' "One Life Fund" enables our organization to reach out and assist other rescues or individuals in acute situations where a cats' safety is compromised. The One Life Fund is a way to give back to other cats beyond Shadow Cats scope of care with designated funds. In 2013 we distributed over $2,000 and in 2014 we were able to assist with over $4500 in designated donations to help cats with critical needs ranging from post operative surgery complications to emergency cat food purchases to helping rescues save cats from high kill shelters.

Impact Statement

Shadow Cats Rescue is committed to improving the lives of abused, abandoned, feral, homeless, ill, aged and injured cats in Austin and surrounding areas. Annually, we TNR (trap, neuter and return) approximately 500 cats and provide a home in our sanctuary to over 80 cats that have an extremely low chance of being adopted. We have placed over 500 cats into adoptive homes and we feed or provide food for over 400 community cats every day. We have TNR'd over 6,500 cats since our inception. In addition, we provide treatment, education and intervention for countless families and community cats and work hand-in-hand with local and national rescue organizations to improve the lives of all cats. Shadow Cats has been instrumental in several local communities in amending ordinances to support the legalization of TNR programs and in assisting with several cat hoarding situations. We were also instrumental in working with the city of Taylor, Tx to abolish the gas chamber. We partner with several organizations to take in cats, such as those diagnosed with feline leukemia, as space allows.

Our 3000 SF sanctuary has both indoor and outdoor areas and includes upper and lower levels, decks, heated beds, climate controlled areas, misters for hot days, custom "houses" and plenty of enclosed outdoor space, all connected by cat doors. Over 20 of the sanctuary cats had an incoming diagnoses of feline leukemia (FeLV) and these cats reside in a separate area with their own indoor and enclosed outdoor areas.

Needs Statement

Additional funding will allow Shadow Cats to expand to a larger facility so that we can open our doors to more cats that have a low probability of being adopted or are scheduled for euthanasia at local shelters due to age, injury or illness and are in need of safe haven. Our new facility will also enable us to hold adoption events for those seeking a feline companion with special needs and increase our community outreach.

Your donations will enable us to spay and neuter cats when no-cost community resources are not accessible and to provide veterinary treatment for cats that are TNR'd or living in a feral colony and are injured as well as for the cats residing in the sanctuary. A significant percentage of our resident cats require ongoing veterinary care at any given time because of their age, prior injury, or chronic illnesses. Even though the majority of our veterinary services are provided at a greatly reduced rate, this is still a significant expense. Your donations will also provide food for community and sanctuary cats as well as helping with facility maintenance.

Many of our donors choose to sponsor a particular cat with a monthly donation of $20 or more. Payment can be made through monthly installments or an annual donation of $240 or more. Please email us if you would like your Amplify donation of $240 or more to be applied to sponsorship of a cat listed on our website.

I've always been very cautious about where to donate money, which organizations actually use the most towards the goal of helping. Shadow Cats Rescue impressed me immediately first with their compassion and determination to help cats most would disregard or euthanize. At any time I can go online and SEE their environment, their health, their happiness in being safe and cared for. This level of transparency leaves me no doubt at all where my money is going and how it is helping. I support Shadow Cats Rescue and I strive to be more like them in my own life. Terri Morris, Deer Park, NL

When I retired in November of 2011, I already had a volunteer job in mind. I'd seen an article about Shadow Cats Rescue in the August 2010 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine, and was so impressed that I couldn't wait to sign up. In the ensuing fifteen months, I've not only had the privilege of loving and caring for well over 100 precious kitties, many with health issues and no prospects of adoption, but I've gained a wonderful extended family of fun, compassionate humans. In the process of doing my little bit to help out at SCR, my own life has changed vastly for the better. You know you have a great volunteer gig when you feel that you've definitely gotten the better part of the deal!
Phaedra Kline
Austin, Texas

Shadow Cats is a truly amazing organization. All of the people I have encountered within this organization are so dedicated to creating a better life for cats. This includes helping individuals in the community who had no idea of where to go for help with a stray cat to assisting local communities in changing the way feral cats are dealt with as well as caring for community and sanctuary cats. Giving my support to this organization is easy because I see the results of where the money goes, I see how little overhead there is, and I see the outcomes. Cats that have had an incredibly hard life or were on the euthanasia list now have a home with so much love and feral cats can live in a safe place with daily meals and medical care. Because of the commitment to TNR, Shadow Cats greatly reduces the number of cats to be born that will die in shelters or of starvation living on the streets. My particular passion is for the cats diagnosed with feline leukemia or that are old - both of which are usually put down right away in shelters. Here they experience a wonderful life, for whatever time they have left. I am so proud and honored to be able to be part of this organization and the tremendous work that is being done.
Pat Dames
Round Rock, TX
Amount: $7,500.00
Sponsored By: Nicholas, Dorothy and Amy Juried, Central Texas Cat Hospital, Sheila Smith and Anonymous Donors

Nicholas, Dorothy and Amy Juried will match funds up to $5K
Central Texas Cat Hospital will match funds up to $500
Anonymous Donors will match funds up to $1500
Sheila Smith- for every $100 donated on her Individual Fundraiser page, she will donate an additional $25