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SCARE for a CURE, utilizing a 100% volunteer staff, presents an interactive multimedia haunted adventure in order to mentor youth and foster volunteerism and community service throughout the Central Texas area.

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IRS EIN: 20-8473150
Phone Number: 512-791-4954
Address: PO Box 152890 a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, EIN: 20-8473150
Austin, TX 78715
2017 was an amazing year for Scare, it was the Return to Mutant Wasteland, and it was a huge success because of all of our wonderful volunteers & individuals that supported us!! We are looking forward to our continued mission of raising funds for local breast cancer charities, as well as assisting in support of the Manor community in 2018.

What's new for 2018? In 2018, we will have both Quest Night and the HAUNT. Quest Night is an interactive D&D event, which is sure to be fun for everyone. As far as the haunt goes; you have to come out and see, it will be an eerie surprise in 2018. We have done the so many amazing interactive haunts; such as: Return to Mutant Wasteland, Final Judgement, Dread Asylum, Return to Zombie Wasteland, Fairy Tale Nightmare and so many others, what could be next. Each year the haunt keeps getting bigger and better. We put a lot of time and attention into each haunt making it the best we can, however, we still have numerous infrastructure projects that we need to address on the property, ranging from road improvements, electrical needs to new buildings.

Your support of SCARE for a CURE in 2017 made the following donations possible:
- $35,000 to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas
- $1,000 to Manor Independent School District

We look forward to being able to do even more this year with help from all our volunteers (and you)!

Impact Statement

SCARE has a commitment to mentor others, particularly our youth. Both adults and young students from all over Austin (those favoring the arts) are asked to contribute their time, resources, creativity, and commitment to help develop and execute SCARE productions. Students attend Haunt University to learn set building, set design, make-up techniques, fundraising, and technical production, among other skills. SCARE mentoring programs provide training in the classroom, one-on-one and via hands-on activities through the advisement of an assigned adult mentor. By the end of a SCARE production, volunteers have improved self-reliance, responsibility, social skills, leadership, performance skills, Science / Technology skills and an increased sense of philanthropy.

Needs Statement

The production of a SCARE event is a monumental undertaking and we are hoping to raise $10,000. Scare needs funding to purchase an array of supplies that are needed in make-up, costumes, building materials, and special FX, to supplying meals for volunteers. Your donation is critical to the success of each production. By investing in SCARE you will help increase the amount of money raised for several charities in the Austin area, as well as allow us to expand the SCARE youth outreach.

With the donations raised from Amplify Austin we will be improving our infrastructure at the Scare site, as well as utilizing funding toward the shows production. We are hoping to raise over $10,000.
Paige (14) says - "I volunteer with Scare for a Cure because it's fun. It's a fun way of acting. Also it's for a good cause and I am glad I can help with it. There are a bunch of other kids there who are fun to hang with."

David (13) says - "I volunteer with Scare for a Cure because it's really fun. You get to terrify people, wear cool makeup, and meet other kids. This year my coach came through but barely saw me because he ran away so fast! That was awesome."

Geri (Paige and David's mother) says - "As the kids have volunteered over the years they have become more independent in their roles. They take more responsibility for themselves and for their station. They also take pride in doing a good job."
Scare for a Cure - Haunt build beginning August 2018
Quest Night Build - Feb 2018

*Volunteers are needed to help with various build projects - putting up wall flats; making wall flats; painting; smaller projects and more - no experience or skills necessary - if you can hold a ladder, we can use your help.
*We also need help with basic landscaping - weed eating; minor brush clearing etc.
*Volunteers are needed to help feed our crews - both to provide food; and set it out and clean up after.

Training may be available in using power and hand tools; painting techniques; basic build projects; and more.