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Our mission at Ruby's Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes, while showing the world just how cool and capable they truly are!! It is our goal to help these amazing, capable individuals achieve their dreams of higher education.

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IRS EIN: 45-3730204
Phone Number: 512-879-7801
Address: PO Box 153095
Austin, TX 78715
Ruby's Rainbow grants scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are pursuing education past high school. After all, we are all lifelong learners -

Impact Statement

At Ruby's Rainbow, we believe continuing education after high school is a vital part of gaining independence and becoming a valuable contributor to the community. Our primary goal is to help individuals with Down syndrome improve their quality of life by pursuing higher education - and show the world just how capable they are, when given the opportunity to learn and achieve. Founded in 2012 our organization has granted $430,000 in scholarship funds to over 150 individuals with Down syndrome and we are looking forward to adding to those numbers in 2018!

Needs Statement

All money raised goes toward helping individuals with Down syndrome acheive their dreams of college. A full scholarship ranges from $3000-$10,000, yet for some programs, this is just a fraction of the total cost of tuition and other expenses. Our hope is to raise scholarship amounts every year in order to continue to meet increasing demands and help those who are "Rockin' that Extra Chromosome!"
"We are so grateful to Ruby's Rainbow for the scholarship Caroline received. We think that you are doing such awesome work to help young adults with Down syndrome achieve their dreams. The future looks brighter for all of those that you have helped. And it looks brighter for your Ruby too! I can imagine that there will be many more post-high school opportunities by the time Ruby is that age." - Kathleen Loose, mother of 2012 Rockin' Recipient Caroline Loose

Matthew Moore, a 2012 Rockin' Recipient, says his Ruby's Rainbow scholarship "really helped me to go to college." He studied career tech and oceanography at Vanderbilt University's Next Steps program. "I finished college in April [2013]. I studied job skills. I do feel like it helped me with my jobs." Matthew now works two jobs - cleaning and stocking videos at Best Buy, and working with Best Buddies Tennessee, an organization that creates employment and leadership opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Hi my name is Cassie Ganschow, I am 22 years old. Today I won the 2013 Ruby's Rainbow scholarship. I am so happy that I cried! I feel so great right now. I am so happy that I won, so I can attend McHenry County College in the Pathways program. I just want to say to always be yourself, and trust yourself. Dream big things, and always work hard!" - Cassie Ganschow, 2013 Ruby's Rockin' Recipient
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