Ruben's B Day Bash Benefitting I Live Here I Give Here

I Live Here I Give Here

It's time to ask the community to support a great organization on my birthday, that means it's time to cash in those magic coins.

We are raising $2,000 in support of the wonderful people who make this non-profit possible and who kick butt every year for Amplify Day.

I Live Here I Give Here has helped raise over 10 Million dollars this year for local area non-profits and they themselves operate on a small budget. But you can help them keep going by contributing your hard earned donation to them. No amount is too small but we do hope you can give as much as possible.

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I believe that we all are connected and need each other to thrive, by giving a little to a great organization we can help hundreds more.
Donated so far:       Celeste Flores  |  Celeste Flores  |  Celeste Flores  |  Daniel Pierce  |  Catherine Lucchesi  |  Lindsay T. Muse  |  Jenn Gooding  |  Daniel PIerce  |  CD  |  Caleb Sanchez  |  Cflores  |  Lindsay T. Muse  |  Lindsay T. Muse  |  Celeste Flores  |  CFlo  |  Christa Freeland  |  Dana Marruffo  |  Irving  |  Vicky  |  Christine & Rob Reinauer  |  Lucy N  |  Jenny Magic  |  Various Donors  |  Jay Boisseau
Goal: $2,000.00
Raised: $778.00