River City Hope Street

Organizational Overview

River City Hope Street
1150 S Bell Blvd #3
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Mission Statement

Let's Put People To Work!

Hope transforms a community- one family at a time. The underemployed, the immigrant/refugee family, those in crisis have a number of needs. River City Hope Street responds to needs through adult education that includes job readiness, ESL, trade education, a handcraft market as well as meeting spiritual needs through non-traditional church gatherings.

Life Bridge Job Corps offers job readiness classes, GED prep, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Increased employability means increased support for the family. We have recently added html coding classes as well as plumbing trade classes to our Career Life Ministry opportunities along with electrical. To help reach that goal, RCHS received 4 passenger vans from Capitol Metro to help provide transportation to and from classes. www.facebook.com/lifebridgetwinlakes.

Simple Church is just that: Church made simple. Services are held where people live! This provides spiritual development for those who would not likely attend a traditional church service. www.facebook.com//RCHSSimpleChurch

Hope Street Market sells handcrafted goods to support immigrant and refugee families that have moved to the Austin area. Help women work by supporting the market which sells on-line or through home parties. www.facebook.com/HopeStreetMarket Website info at http://www.hsm-austin.com

Career Life - Electrical helps young people and others who are in need of job skills but, do not have time or financial resources for a long term education by providing certification training for a lucrative career in the trades. https://www.facebook.com/groups/181494705214827/ and website info at http://clmtradeschool.com/

Impact Statement

The cycle of poverty is so difficult to overcome, it drains hope. River City Hope Street has helped families gain hope and break economic barriers. This is accomplished through faith-building and academic adult education. Participants have built or restored relationships, advanced in their educational potential and acquired employment. Others have blossomed in their spiritual growth, leaving behind destructive patterns and gaining new opportunities. Still others are engaged in sharing community and enjoying the product of their labor from the gardens. Kids learn team-building and leadership while playing a variety of sports. Refugees are learning the English language while building relationships and learning new skills to meet their financial needs.

Needs Statement

RCHS seeks to raise $15,000 for the following:
$3,000 to provide scholarships for classes
$1,500 English as a Second Language material
$1,200 Adult education, including GED prep
$2,000 Computer lab upgrade and technical support person
$3,000 Space usage fees
$ 800 Sewing class supplies
$3,500 curriculum, tools for our trades classes

"The teachers helped me with English. I am more confident."
"The Career Closet came to my rescue when I learned I couldn't wear jeans at my temp job."
"I love my Hope Street Market bag. The print is exotic! It gets noticed when I go shopping."
"The support Life Bridge gives me has made me a better mom..."
"I learned things in my first computer class... what you all offer is priceless."
"I got a job earning $22 an hour since completing the Electrician's apprentice classes. Thanks so much for this life changing training."

We have short term, long term, and event based opportunities for volunteers. In fact, RCHS is primarily run by volunteers. Go to our website at www.rivercityhopestreet.org to see details of opportunities to make a difference in families lives.