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The mission of The Rise School of Austin is to provide the highest quality early childhood education for all children - gifted, traditional and developmentally delayed - in an inclusive setting, where individualized learning techniques enable every child to achieve their maximum potential.

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IRS EIN: 74-2974364
Phone Number: 512-891-1682
Address: 4800 Manor Road Building J
Austin, TX 78723
The components that make the Rise program successful, including therapy services, Master's level educators, a large teaching staff to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, and an 11-month schedule, also comprise a significant cost. Each year, 60% of our budget must be raised through general donations, grants, corporate partnerships and events. Additionally, we would like to continue to grow by opening another classroom. We need the help of our Austin community not only to continue our mission, but also to continue to grow and provide inclusive, early childhood education services to more students.

Impact Statement

The Rise program is the only one of its kind in Austin to intentionally serve children of all abilities. The Rise program is a nationally recognized early childhood education model with three major goals: (1) to provide children with a blend of intervention and therapeutic services within the context of a developmentally appropriate curriculum; (2) to provide family-centered services designed to meet the needs of all children and families; and (3) to prepare children for their next educational environment. A typical classroom at Rise Austin is composed of approximately 50 - 60% of students with developmental delays, and 40 - 50% of students are considered neuro-typical learners (i.e. traditional learners).

The Rise School of Austin features a learning environment that is maximized by the combined effects of early childhood education, specially designed instruction, speech, physical, occupational and music therapy. We provide highly-qualified teachers and a 3:1 child-to-teacher ratio; an individualized curriculum that matches each child's needs with appropriate instructional methods, accommodations and adaptations to maximize learning in a developmentally appropriate context; consistent and regular evaluation of instruction and assessment of children's progress; an inclusive environment with children of all abilities, socioeconomic status, and cultural backgrounds; a full day schedule Monday through Friday, 11 months of the year; a state-of-the-art facility that serves the unique needs of a diverse population.

Ultimately, at The Rise School of Austin, we are proving that a more compassionate world where everyone has a chance for success is a possibility. We believe that each child is worthy and capable of a world-class education, and we strive each day to fulfill that promise.

Needs Statement

Areas of financial need:
-Classroom supplies including construction paper, paint, copy paper, sensory table items, etc.
-School supplies including paper towels, latex gloves, computers, ipads, playground equipment
-Therapy supplies for music, occupational, physical and speech therapy
-Increased staff to open a new classroom
-General operating budget
"Mack and I love our involvement with The Rise School of Austin. It is an amazing place where all kids are nurtured and taught and loved. Watching the growth of the school has been a pure joy." - Sally Brown, Founder, and School Trustee

"The Rise School of Austin makes a difference in the lives of children and their families providing the best possible opportunity for children to achieve all that is possible for them." - Current Board Member

"I deliberated a lot over our preschool choice. As a professor of education, I came into my school search with a strong vision of what I wanted in a high-quality, democratic education. Talk about a tough customer! After my tour of Rise, I sat in my car and just wept. Tears of joy. At Rise, I knew that my children would have the opportunity to celebrate difference, right from the start. At the heart of high-quality education is humanity - and this is what I was looking for most of all. Now five years into our Rise experience with two children, I couldn't be more happy with our choice to become a part of the Rise School Family. My children are both knowing and compassionate. My greatest hopes for their early years have been realized." - Audra, parent of two Rise students

"In August of 2017, we made a school change for our twin 4 year old boys that will forever change our lives. We had always heard so many wonderful things about the Rise School however had no idea what an impact this school would make- not only on our boys but for us as parents. With the small class room setting and the student/teacher ratio, they are able to tailor an academic curriculum to each child. Whether your child has special needs or is typically developing each child can benefit from the Rise School model. Occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy are incorporated into the classroom each and every day and every child can benefit greatly from all three. Ours certainly have!" - Taylor, parent of two Rise students

"The Rise School is simply the best pre-school in Austin. The care and attention given to the unique learning needs of every student creates an environment where all children can thrive. We are constantly amazed by both the things our son learns and the way he interacts with his peers. Everyone at The Rise School contributes to creating a community for students and parents to be successful once they leave for the day or move onto kindergarten." - Rebecca McCormick, Mother of Hyland
Google Fiber has offered a $10,000 matching grant to be distributed among all participating education organizations on Amplify Austin Day. These nonprofit organizations will receive funds on a pro-rata basis. Each nonprofit will receive matching funds based on their total funds raised on Amplify Austin Day.
The Rise School welcomes volunteers to help with various events throughout the year.
The Scholastic book fair, golf tournament, Rise Carnival and our highly anticipated wine auction each October, are just a few of the opportunities available. For more information please contact Rachel Parr at