Preschool II Amplifies Rise!

The Rise School of Austin

The Preschool II Classroom is raising funds for The Rise School of Austin! Please help us reach our goal by making a donation today. Together we can continue to provide the highest quality early childhood education to kids in an inclusive environment.

Thank you for your support!
Melissa, Paige, Nicole and Cynthia

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, The Rise School Rise School


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Preschool II Amplifies Rise!

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Donated so far: Melissa Gardner  |  Maya Nseir  |  Dulce and Grandad Craig  |  Lilly and Henry G.  |  Lucy and James Jones  |  Terry Family  |  The Cisneros Family  |  K/E Oswald  |  Joseph Companies  |  Lenellen Bunting  |  Ross and Joanne Pollard  |  John Kantarjian   |  Denise and Greg Hartman  |  The McCutchin's  |  Georgia Denny  |  Christopher Joseph  |  Philip & Lauren  |  Susan & Sammie Joseph  |  Cater and Wesley Joseph  |  Eileen & Karl Korinek  |  Kimberly Flickinger  |  Chrissy Gardner  |  Pay Martinez  |  Pollards  |  Erica Cruz Anchando   |  Celeste Flores  |  Michael McAnany  |  Stryker Korinek  |  Jenny McCarty  |  Miller Surfave Gallery
Creator: The Rise School Rise School
Goal: $4,500.00
Raised: $4,196.86