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The Rise School of Austin

The Pre-K II Classroom is raising funds for The Rise School of Austin! Please help us reach our goal by making a donation today. Together we can continue to provide the highest quality early childhood education to kids in an inclusive environment.

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Kristen, Shannon, Jessica and Taylor

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, The Rise School Rise School


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We are the Pre-K II Classroom at Rise!

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Donated so far: Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez  |  Nancy Harper  |  Arielle Palmer  |  Ashley Amini  |  Saba Adeel  |  Patsy & Terry  |  Carol & Tom Harper  |  Sadia Waheed  |  The T. Harper Family  |  Jennifer and Paul Kirsch  |  Smith family  |  Kristen Dobransky  |  Dave & Renee Warner  |  Monica Blackburn  |  Oran Ferrell
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Goal: $4,500.00
Raised: $2,829.95