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The Austin River City Rec'ers is a non-profit community based wheelchair basketball team which serves Austin's citizens with physical disabilities. The team provides recreational activities and social integration for team roster members and their families by support of sponsorship and donations. In addition, the Austin Rec'ers reach out to provide community education and disability awareness. We offer services for kids, men and women!

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IRS EIN: 74-2536799
Phone Number: 512-659-4337
Address: 7301 Sir Gawain
Austin, TX 78745
The Austin River City Rec'ers needs your help to continue to offer services to the central Texas disabled community! We've recently started a kids team that will qualify for the national wheelchair basketball tournament in Louisville, KY in their first year! We desperately need your support which will assist with travel expenses to ensure they are able to attend!

Impact Statement

The Austin River City Rec'ers has assisted hundreds of individuals in wheelchairs and with other forms of disabilities maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through our sports programs. Members of the organization become part of a community that help each other through the gauntlet of life with a disability. As a result all members become more self sufficient, maintain an active lifestyle and rely on community services less.

Needs Statement

The Austin River City Rec'ers utilize funds for a multitude of programs with the basketball teams being at the forefront of our efforts. We sponsor three basketball teams that compete in the NWBA Juniors (the Kidos!), Division 2 and Division 3. The Juniors division is for kids until the age of 18. Division 2 is an ultra competitive division for adults. Our Division 2 team has placed in the top 8 in the country since they entered six years ago. Division 3 is a recreational league we use to familiarize new players with the sport and enable them to compete at the highest levels. 100% of donations go to funding adaptive sports programs. Our goal is to raise $25,000 which represents our operating budget for all programs every year.
"The Austin Recers changed my life after I was injured. Before I met the members of the organization I would avoid other wheelchair users and was struggling to figure out how to live in a wheelchair. Since I joined the organization 14 years ago I have made life long friends, figured out how to thrive even with my disability and am leading a much healthier and active lifestyle."
We provide the opportunity for volunteers to help with events hosted and attended by members of the organization. Volunteer specific opportunities are to help with equipment (fix and/or load and unload), coaching, participating with us in events, etc.