Pines and Prairies Land Trust

Organizational Overview

Pines and Prairies Land Trust
PO Box 737
Bastrop, 78602

Mission Statement

The mission of Pines and Prairies Land Trust is to protect natural and cultural resources and promote sustainable agriculture through education and preservation of open space in Central Texas.

Pines and Prairies Land Trust is a nationally accredited, land conservation organization. The need to protect open space is greater than ever before. PPLT will complete protection of over 300 acres of farmland and open space in the rapidly growing eastern portion of Travis County. In this area, farmland that has been in family hands for generations is being sold to developers that immediately subdivide the farm and set sales prices up to 5 times what the farmer asked. When families are forced to sell their land for subdivision and commercial development, we all lose. Your donations will help PPLT assist Central Texas communities to protect open space, beautiful views, water, family traditions and our natural resources.

Rapid growth in central Texas' rural areas has come with a significant cost to the regions cultural resources. Urban sprawl is a serious threat to Texas' hidden heritage, historic and prehistoric sites and traditional land use. Austin has one of the highest rates of rural development in the US, putting much of the state's non-renewable cultural resources at risk. Last year, PPLT began to develop educational programs to involve the public in the assessment, research, and protection for cultural resources on PPLT lands, and to promote and facilitate protection, stewardship and public appreciation for Texas' cultural heritage. As Texans, we are deeply interested in our history. Help us to protect and preserve our cultural resources and the natural land values that are often integral to their setting by preserving the past and helping to define protection for the present.

Impact Statement

Pines and Prairies Land Trust is working to acquire and manage special tracts of natural landscape so that all citizens may hike, watch wildlife, and learn to value and enjoy the plants, animals, landforms, clean water and historic legacies of our communities.

If you own a special property that you would like to see preserved in this way, please ask about our land and easement donation program and how it can benefit you.

We work with federal, state and local institutions to achieve the maximum benefit from conservation programs in our region.

Needs Statement

Use my gift to preserve family lands and wildlife habitat, and to provide educational tools and assistance for the benefit of people and communities. PPLT will be working to re-establish our nature programs at the Colorado River Refuge after we are done fixing the flood damage from 2016. We are going to expand our programs at our Yegua Knobbs Preserve and set up an official education/outreach plan! Please help us meet this goal.

Erwin Billig (dec.), Central Texas landowner: "In opposition to God's wishes, much of the world is wasteful and greedy. As a result, we have weeds, briars, erosion by wind and water, desert areas are getting larger, and global warming is increasing. If my kin try to live according to God's plan, they will not need the income that this ranch could give them. Therefore, I give this ranch to the Land Trust because they are here and now. As I understand it, the environmental Land Trusts are doing what they can to make this a better place for living with more enjoyment. I did not earn this land - God gave me the income to buy it. So, in a sense, I am giving it back to Him. Pines & Prairie Land Trust are now stewards of this land."

Joan Russell, previous board vice-president: "It is amazing what a group of smart, dedicated people can accomplish. I am so happy with PPLT and its good work building lasting legacies in just 13 years. PPLT will continue to thrive because of its board and volunteers who show up, learn the complexities of land trust work and make wise decisions to protect open space for the future."

"Pines and Prairies Land Trust is one of about 30 land trusts in Texas that has helped protect over 1.6 million acres. Land Trusts are a unique nonprofit in that we must conduct our work so that we last...forever. It is our duty to protect the land under our care in perpetuity. When you donate to PPLT, you are adding to our ability to do just that." Melanie Pavlas, PPLT Executive Director
Depending on the season, PPLT has weekly and monthly volunteer opportunities at our preserves. We also offer opportunities throughout the year for special projects at our preserves. Opportunities may include trail work, maintenance, plant or bird surveys, planting gardens or seeds, walking trails or fencelines, providing educational programs, etc. The list goes on!