Pease Park Conservancy

Organizational Overview

Pease Park Conservancy
PO Box 50065
Austin, 78763

Mission Statement

Pease Park Conservancy is dedicated to the rehabilitation, beautification, and support of Austin's central city park for the enjoyment of Austin and future generations.

Pease Park is a forested oasis in the heart of central Austin. With stunning limestone bluffs, shaded trails, and a rich cultural history, it is one of our City's truly unique treasures. Pease Park has been a vital civic landmark for all of Austin since its creation in 1875. After 141 years the park is still wildly popular, but it can be even better.

The award-winning Pease Park Master Plan, adopted unanimously by City Council in 2014, outlines a comprehensive strategy for the park to realize its full potential and become the central city park our growing city needs, and deserves. The Conservancy is currently underway with Phase One Implementation of the Master Plan.

Phase One Implementation includes the adaptive repurpose of the historic Tudor Cottage as a community gathering space, a new multi-use pavilion to provide adequate restroom availability and expanded tool storage, enhancement of Pease Park's main gateway at Kingsbury & Parkway, and a new state-of-the-art play area sure to excite all ages. These improvements won't alter the character of the park, rather allow this historic green space to function more effectively and accommodate Austin's ever-growing population.

True to our origins, PPC will continue our stewardship efforts. We will continue to host volunteer days in the park, which have culminated in over 27,500 volunteer service hours since 2008. Through this effort we've planted over 3,200 native trees, expanded and cared for the mulched hillside trails, spread wildflower seeds, and removed countless invasive species. We are also committed to the restoration and preservation of the park's historic elements. Recently we secured funding to restore CCC-era stone walls and walls built in the 1960's by Austin heroine Janet Fish.

Impact Statement

Pease Park Conservancy has led the restoration of the park's ecosystem. Since its formation, PPC has hosted 150+ workdays amounting in 27,500+ volunteer service hours and planted over 3,200 native trees. Additionally, PPC has installed an irrigation system, expanded & maintained the park's trail systems, removed countless invasive species, restored historic landmarks including the Tudor Cottage, 1926 Memorial Entry Gates, 1960'3 Janet Fish Wall, and CCC-era picnic tables & stonewalls dating back to the 1930's.

Pease Park Conservancy's current challenge is a heroic one - implementation of the Master Plan. Phase One Implementation includes an enhanced entryway at Kingsbury and Parkway, the adaptive reuse of the Tudor Cottage that will include expanded terrace seating, construction of the Kingsbury Pavilion to house new restrooms, and new state-of-the-art playscapes. While Phase One will be focused on the south end of the Park, PPC will continue to fund improvements to the Park and the Shoal Creek Greenbelt's from 15th Street to 31st Street.

Needs Statement

While currently a cornerstone of the Austin parks system, Pease Park is still a blank canvas that can be improved to better serve all of Austin. Austin continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, with no signs of slowing down. Our population is increasing, resulting in additional stress on public parkland. At Pease Park this is compounded by our neighbors to the east in the West Campus neighborhood, the most densely populated neighborhood in the city. In order to maintain our quality of life, we absolutely must provide adequate parkland for recreation and respite.

The blueprint that allows Pease Park to live up to its civic stature is the Pease Park Master Plan. We have the guiding document, it's now up to the community to raise the funds that will turn that vision into a reality.

Governor & Mrs. E.M. Pease showed great foresight in deeding this beautiful green space to the City of Austin in 1875. Ongoing park improvements represent a unique opportunity for today's generation of civic leaders, neighbors, businesses, and philanthropists to do something equally meaningful for Austin's posterity. Help us assure future generations have a healthy park to recreate, learn, and find solitude in the middle of Austin!

"Different parks serve different needs, and to me Pease Park is a place apart. It's a place of tranquility; it's a place to go and rejuvenate, to connect with nature, to enjoy families being outdoors together. To me, that's critically needed in our hectic city with so much traffic and so much change, so much growth, Pease Park offers that respite that so many of us need." -Tom Spencer, National Wildlife Federation and the Central Texas Gardener

"Pease Park is a huge asset to the City. It's one of the larger green spaces in the city and it's one of those green spaces that people use on a daily basis. I think one of the biggest strengths of Pease Park given its location is the diversity of people that have access to the park. Everybody can use Pease Park." -Ross Moody, The Moody Foundation

"The Pease Park project was so exciting and important to us primarily for the history. With greater density happening there is smaller and smaller personal green space in our home and the fact that there's a place where people can gather together, where community can be built among nature, is a celebration of humanity as opposed to just becoming cogs in the wheel of this urban existence that we have." -Emily Little, Architects Clayton & Little
Visit, follow us on Facebook, or check to view upcoming volunteer workdays. PPC hosts 25+ volunteer workdays in the park each year. We would be happy to accommodate your group for a fulfilling day of improving Austin's premier central city park.