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Your support will go towards the world premiere of The Repentance of St Joan, written by Austin playwright Patrick Shaw and produced by paper chairs March 23rd- April 7th 2018 at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems. This new work is an original theatrical exploration of the contradictions between canonical history and personal recollection. It's also part of our ongoing collaboration with CMPBS which endeavors to discover new way of making sustainable live performance in and for Austin, Texas.

Your support will also fund further exploration of cofounder and local playwright Elizabeth Doss' adaptation of The Divine Narcissus by the 17th Century Mexican author Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, who is widely considered The New World's first feminist.

In addition, your donations will support paper chairs' exciting new collaboration with the Austin Public Library as we curate an afternoon of local live performance including theatre, film, dance, music, and literature throughout Central Library, Austin's newest architectural wonder.

We believe in the collaborative process, in supporting local voices, and exploring new work and new ways of working. We believe in paying our artists a fair wage to reflect their hard work and creativity.

We believe that live performance connects us to each other, crossing the lines of artist and audience to support and create community. And that is important, now more than ever.

Our Amplify Goal is $6,000.

ANY DONATION can go a long way:
$20 Donation = 1 hour of rehearsal space rent
$50 = printing of our show posters
$100 = 1 performer's costumes
$400 = a round trip flight to bring Director Dustin Wills in from New York City
$500 = 1 performer's stipend
$500 = 1 night of performance space rent

paper chairs has been producing work together since 2010 and we hope you'll join forces with us in creating this next production.

Thank you for supporting a flourishing theatre community in Austin, Texas.
All of our love,
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Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, paper chairs


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Support another bold year of big new work from local theatre-makers, paper chairs!

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