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Odyssey School is committed to the development of academic excellence and self-acceptance for students who struggle in traditional educational settings. We believe that all children can be successful in their intellectual, creative, and social development. Our goal is to help every student discover their individual potential for greatness.

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IRS EIN: 74-2856018
Website: http://odysseyschool.com
Email: kelly@odysseyschool.com
Phone Number: 512-472-2262
Address: 4407 Red River
Austin, TX 78751
"Learning disabilities are not a prescription for failure. With the right kinds of instruction, guidance and support, there are no limits to what individuals with an LD can achieve."
-Sheldon H. Horowitz, Ed.D., Director of LD Resources,National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Opened in 1998, Odyssey School is an accredited, independent, non-profit middle and high school dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for students who learn differently. Odyssey was born in 1997 when a reading teacher, a neuropsychologist, and a speech &language pathologist were in conversation about the need for a place where students with learning differences could experience academic success. They imagined their ideal school as one where teachers could spend enough time with each student to truly teach to their strengths, in a community so supportive and caring that students actively stretched toward new knowledge. They founded Odyssey school to realize this dream.

The name Odyssey School was chosen to express the journey that each student with learning differences undertakes-like Homer's Ulysses in The Odyssey, each has a quest involving big challenges. Each discovers strengths along the path and ultimately, reaches heroic success.

Understanding: The Odyssey Difference

Impact Statement

We chose the name Odyssey School to express the journey that each student with learning differences undertakes-like Homer's Ulysses in The Odyssey, each has a quest involving big challenges. Each discovers their strengths along the path and ultimately, each reaches a heroic success.

Today, Odyssey offers a comprehensive and sequential curriculum for fifth grade through twelfth grade. We have an average annual enrollment of 60 students. We offer a summer camp and an educational testing service. We are proud to say that the dream of Odyssey School continues to be realized in authentic learner-teacher relationships and students who know the joy of learning.

Needs Statement

Odyssey School has been Austin's leader in providing specialized instruction for students with learning disabilities for over a decade.

Your donation directly supports the teaching and learning at The Odyssey School, and may increase the number of students we can enroll. We are committed to reasonable tuition for the exemplary individualized education our students deserve!
"Despite working with the administrators and staff at our local public school to create an IEP, we couldn't eliminate the anxiety that was crippling our son in the traditional school setting. We are fortunate to have found the teachers and staff of Odyssey School, who created an environment that significantly reduced his anxiety and changed his outlook on education. He has flourished academically and socially and has confidence in himself, his capabilities and his future."
-Susan Kittleson, Parent

"Imagine your child's mental image for school changing from one surrounded by thunderclouds and filled with shattered glass in the hallways to one covered by rainbows and butterflies. Not only that, imagine your child transforming from one who struggled to learn to one who now talks about her love for learning-that has been our daughter's experience moving from public school to Odyssey School. It's an incredible testimonial to Odyssey's positive affect on students who struggle in the traditional educational environment."
-Angela Eaton, Parent
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