Octopus Club Amplify Campaign

AIDS Services of Austin

The Octopus Club is raising money to support ASA's Paul Kirby Emergency relief fund to support our HIV positive friends and neighbors.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Octopus Club

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Support the Octopus Club to build healthy futures for all Central Texans

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Donated so far: Marty Bender  |  Alan Stevens/Louis Seube  |  Frank Rusconi and Duane Mailman  |  Rory & Greg  |  Brad Shaw  |  Melissa Denning  |  Patrick  |  John Thomason  |  Rossi Hill  |  Midtown Title  |  Billy Collins  |  Frank J Garrahan  |  Kip & Toby  |  Bob Dailey  |  Janice  |  becky willard  |  Highland Lounge / Robert Grunnah  |  Jim Lommori  |  Steve Krueger & Roger Grape  |  Bruce Weatherford  |  Tim Young
Creator: Octopus Club
Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $10,387.75