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KnockOut Volleyball 12 Sapphire
by Carly Evens
KnockOut Volleyball is a non-profit organization that is ran off of donations by you! This program would not be possible without the amazing sponsors and donors who support our team! KnockOut Volleyball has been around for 4 years and is setting an example to all the other club teams out there! Volleyball is a very expensive sport to play now a days, and not all athletes can afford to play. By your donations we are able to give those athletes the opportunity to play the number 1 growing sport for girls. Our 12 Sapphire team started off with only a few who had played before, we now have 2 medals and are continuing our season strong! KnockOut is out to make a statement and it is something you will want to be apart of! Thank you again for all your support, we really appreciate it!
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded