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Elise Powell

by Elise Powell

Why do you make art / collect art / engage in art? When I joined the team at Big Medium, I got plugged into a network of nearly 1,000 artists across Austin and Texas. That means almost limitless opportunities to collaborate. When I make art, adding my voice to the cultural dialogue is what's most important to me. Working with Big Medium has taught me to ask the question, "How can my fellow artists and I teach and be taught by each other?" Why is Austin where you make art / buy art / see art? Austin is where I feel I belong, where my family is, and where I was raised, but a particular reason I came back here after graduating from RISD is because our city is a super concentrated hub for creative life. Free public arts festivals like the East Austin Studio Tour, West and the Texas Biennial exist to empower artists and help us connect to each other and to new audiences. How have you grown as an artist / collector / art appreciator through Big Medium? Big Medium has encouraged me to always put on a lens of social good when I make my work. When I began as a volunteer and ultimately became the volunteer coordinator, I found my passion for creative community organizing. Big Medium's volunteers are an incredible group of over 200 artist advocates and every day I am grateful to have a leadership role among them. I'm committed to growing the arts in our city and I want your help! If each of you can pledge $5-$10 (the cost of a six-pack!) I can meet my goal of raising $300 for Big Medium this Amplify Day. Thank you!

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Goal: $300.00

Jana Swec and Shea Little

by Shea Little

Big Medium is a part of our family, it may play 4th fiddle, but it is essential to our ensemble and we hope you will help us continue to support artists and ensure art is an integral part of our world.

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Goal: $1,000.00

Oliver Franklin

by Oliver Franklin

Thanks in large part to Big Medium, I see art, done by folks like me--just regular people, perhaps with a stronger sense of metaphor than some, but regular generally. And when I see something I like (which is almost always), rather than uttering an awed and reverent, "Wooow! They did that!", I say "Wow! I can do that!" I used to be quite stricken with anxiety when I would create art, because I always felt it wasn't worthy if it wasn't Picasso or Pollock. The thing is, art is about exploring and sharing, not about preaching. You don't have to be famous or even "good" to make art. You just do it. And if people respond, great! And the more you refine your work that you do for fun, the clearer your resonance is. Like all these other folks, all these Austinites, learning to explore and share their own metaphors by reveling in those of their friends and neighbors. That's huge. That's Big Medium.

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Goal: $400.00

Keith Kreeger

by Keith Kreeger

I know just how important Big Medium is to Austin. When I moved here in 2009, the East Austin Studio Tour was a pivotal moment in launching my new studio here. Because of the work that Big Medium does, three months after moving to Austin I had hundreds of people walk through my studio doors to see my work. That is why I have supported Big Medium ever since and why I'm proud to be President of the Board of Directors. Our mission is to support artists and the contemporary arts in Austin and across Texas. We look forward to expanding our reach and strengthening our efforts this year. In 2016, we engaged with over 100,000 people in artistic experiences. We're excited to grow our current programs in depth, quality and participation in 2017. This includes the West and East Austin Studio Tours, the Big Medium Gallery, our Artist Studios, and the foundations of the 2017 Texas Biennial. We are here because of the artists and art supporters who continue to engage in our programs, and we are excited about what we will accomplish in 2017 together. Thank you for your support! Keith Kreeger Board President

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Goal: $1,500.00

Jordan Gentry

by Jordan Gentry

Join me in supporting the artists who make Austin unique. Your donation to Big Medium will provide opportunities to artists and allow easier access to art. Big Medium was born out of, and continues to run on, the passion of a few. Big Medium has thrived because of the generosity of many, like you. I'm so grateful to be involved with an organization that not only furthers the arts in Austin, but also sets an amazing example of how collaboration and generosity can accomplish great things.

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Goal: $250.00

Leslie Moody Castro

by Leslie Moody Castro

Big Medium has done so much for artists and for the city of Austin. Even before I came on with the Texas Biennial I relied on EAST as an introduction to new talent in the city, and to connect with artists who I wouldn't have visited if they hadn't been on the tour, and I'm grateful for that! Aside from exhibiting compelling work in their gallery space, the resources that Big Medium has offered to artists in Austin is impressive, and I admire the organization's tenacity to remain artist-focused. In the past year and as we have begun reviving the Texas Biennial, Big Medium has, once again, provided a platform to connect artists, organizations, and ideas across the entire state. Working on this project will be one of the biggest of my entire career, and to be able to work with such a committed team is a rare honor!

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Goal: $250.00

Jenna Carrens

by Jenna Carrens

Big Medium is dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary art in Texas. Big Medium produces the East Austin Studio Tour, the West Austin Studio Tour, the Texas Biennial, and presents innovative exhibitions throughout the year in the Big Medium gallery. How YOU can help Big Medium's campaign: Be a voice. Share our campaign link as much as possible on your social media outlets: Donate. Donations from one dollar to thousands make an impact for Big Medium. You can pledge to give online in advance, or give during Amplify day. All donations can be made through our profile:

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Goal: $100.00

Tiffany Coghill

by Tiffany Coghill

Big Medium creates and fosters community in Texas by supporting and promoting contemporary art. Our programming creates platforms where neighbors meet each other, sometimes for the first time. Anyone who has participated in, or gone on, EAST or WEST has witnessed this. We work to create opportunities where local artists and community members can really engage with each other. Ways you can help support Big Medium: Donate - Every dollar really does count Raise Awareness - If you are not financially able to donate, please help us by sharing our campaign through social media:

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Goal: $100.00

Valerie Chaussonnet

by Valerie Chaussonnet

My most important and earliest connection to Big Medium was through the EAST studio tour about 10 years ago. I live on the south west side of town and my children were very small then, so it took some time for me to be aware of it. EAST is one of my favorite events in Austin, consistently, year after year. I would say Big Medium was absolutely crucial in developing my connection to the artist community and my friendships, and therefore strengthening my own activity as an artist. Now, as of last year, I myself participate in WEST. I love what you guys do. Thank you.

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Goal: $150.00

Moya and Colin McIntyre

by Colin McIntyre

Why do you make art / collect art / engage in art? Making art is a way to examine relationships between different ideas, objects, and cultural contexts in ways that you can't just sit down and talk about in a conversation. The abstraction of dream state, the heavy subtext that you put into the art that you're not even aware you're thinking until it shows up, you can examine it yourself for the first time. Art is a conversation that can't be had any other way. Why is Austin where you make art / buy art / see art? We have both lived here since the 90's and this is our home. We have built business here, art careers, and a family. We will always contribute to the creative community in the place where we live. The hard work of organizations like Big Medium and city officials who have stood behind programs like Cultural Arts funding have made a hospitable environment suitable for us to pursue our careers here. How have you grown as an artist / collector / art appreciator through Big Medium? The creation of EAST catalyzed a real sense of art place making for Austin. We have benefited consistently from the results of that initiative. From the early days of showing our art to an expanded audience to the present day of supporting our own arts organization with municipal funding, Big Medium has served as a gateway for us.

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Goal: $250.00

Chelsea Sun's Big Medium Fundraiser

by Chelsea Sun

Please join me in supporting Big Medium's mission of promoting contemporary art in Texas. Through the East Austin Studio Tour, West Austin Studio Tour, Texas Biennial, Big Medium Gallery, Canopy, Bolm Studios, and so much more, Big Medium works very hard to amplify the reach of each artists' work and small business. The effect of this work enriches our lives and nurtures what makes Austin such a special place to live.

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Goal: $5,000.00

Rehab Elsadek

by Rehab Elsadek

Why do you make art / collect art / engage in art? I see art not only as a language or way of communication but also believe in the responsibility of artists to be able to capture things that others have missed. As we give focus, time and research, visual arts with all the other forms of art expression is to inspire people. Help our society to develop, overcome its defaults or understand them and capture those spacial little things that would transform our days, leaving us happy and productive. Why is Austin where you make art / buy art / see art? In Austin, being different is a good thing. In some other communities, people would have expectations of you to be as the majority or the artist's groups around you. But here, we support individuality and see it as unique. I've experienced only internist, respect or curiosity which are great energy resources that every artist would really need to power up :) How have you grown as an artist / collector / art appreciator through Big Medium? Since day one, walked in the gallery to check an exhibit, I've seen nothing but enthusiasm, help and joy from everyone. My first real engagement was East Tour 2016 which was great experience. Every small step from start to finish was evaluated with care from one of the team, doing their part so good to help us as artists and art community to share so we develop and grow. I find Big Medium one of the most professional, informative, caring and happy place for artists and community, proud to be part of its creative minds.

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Goal: $100.00