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EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens

I have had the honor of working for the EmilyAnn for more than 10 years now. This year is the organization's 20th Anniversary and we need facilities to catch up with our growing programming. Our dressing rooms are currently housed in trailers that have served us well, but it is way, way past time for them to go! They are in bad repair and the space isn't large enough to accommodate our growing classes or the casts of our summer musicals. We have plans for a building that would serve as dressing rooms and multipurpose classroom/meeting space. Please consider giving $20 for the EmilyAnn's 20th Anniversary to help make this project a reality.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Laura Tanner

Matching Fund

Amount: $200.00
Provider: Laura Tanner
Details: I'll match the first $200. Help me double our donations!

campaign photo

The photo shows where the new building will go. Right next to the studio theatre and behind the outdoor stage. Help us build a space that honor our actors and help us better serve our community!

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Creator: Laura Tanner
Goal: $200.00
Matching: $200.00
Raised: $478.10