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To empower the neuropathy community to live their best lives and to support research.

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Phone Number: 512-553-9130
Address: PO Box 40874
Austin, TX 78704
Chances are you probably know someone who has neuropathy, but you may not realize it. 1 in 15 people of all ages and demographics is affected by neuropathy in the US, which totals to about 20 million people (about 122,000 people in the Austin area). That is more people than Parkinson's, HIV, and Alzheimer's COMBINED, yet many people do not understand their symptoms or receive an accurate or timely diagnosis.

Neuropathy is a chronic condition of the peripheral nervous system that causes various symptoms, from numbness and weakness in hands and feet to sharp or burning pain. Each patient experiences neuropathy differently, and for some it can be completely debilitating, taking away their ability to take care of themselves, drive, walk, work, or otherwise live "normal" lives. Many have additional needs in maintaining independence, transportation and accessing a support system. Since there is no cure for neuropathy, patients must learn to manage their symptoms and often feel frustrated and overwhelmed. As a result, many neuropathy patients also suffer from social isolation and depression.

An early diagnosis is the best way to combat symptoms, so NATX works to educate the community to help raise awareness about what neuropathy is and how to receive a proper diagnosis.

For some of our clients, their neuropathy is a source of embarrassment, and many feel that they are the only person experiencing these symptoms, or that it is just a part of life. Neuropathy Alliance of Texas provides them with a safe, welcoming environment to allow them to share and relate with others so that they do not feel alone in their disease. Our primary focus is to provide HOPE to our clients to live well with their neuropathy, providing resources to help them manage their daily lives and work to improve their symptoms. We also support research to hopefully eventually find more effective treatment.

Impact Statement

Starting in January 2018, with thanks to 2017 Amplify Austin donations, we have finally been able to fulfill our dream of planting a monthly support group in Houston!

Since its founding in 2011, NATX has grown from serving 25 people to over 900 affected by neuropathy. This exponential growth shows our momentum, but there are so many more people in Texas who need our services that we have not been able to reach yet. So far we are the only organization in Texas that offers this breadth of programs and services for neuropathy patients and caregivers: major cities in Texas like San Antonio and Dallas currently have no neuropathy support groups.

Needs Statement

Total expenses to run our programs for 2018 = $45,000

$20,000 from Amplify Austin donations would allow us to continue to provide top quality programming, resources, and support to anyone affected by neuropathy and would go directly toward our group meeting expenses, outreach and awareness for new clients, and education about research, providers, and resources for new and continuing clients.

$10,000 would allow us to print our educational booklets that we distribute to neurologists all over Texas to serve as a resource for newly diagnosed patients.

$1,000 would allow us to print more brochures to provide outreach and awareness to more Texans.

$500 would allow us to run one support group meeting for the entire year.

$250 would allow us to develop and enrich an online support community for those physically unable to attend our support group meetings.

$100 would allow us to print 75 quarterly newsletters to mail to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

$75 would purchase 4 new books about neuropathy for our 3 lending libraries.

$50 would sponsor a neuropathy patient to participate in our Tai Chi class twice per week for 12 weeks.

$25 would allow for one new neuropathy patient to receive a welcome kit and join our mailing list to learn about new research and upcoming meetings.
"It has saved my mindset. I no longer think, 'I don't think I can live like this.' I CAN live like this. And that's what I got from the Neuropathy Alliance of Texas." -client

"The Neuropathy Alliance of Texas is a community and a cure in its own way because neuropathy makes you feel powerless. It makes you feel alone and separated. And Neuropathy Alliance of Texas really comes in and says, "No, you're not alone..." It's a support group, it's a family, it's a place where you can really feel comfortable... There are lots out there with neuropathy, and because of that, Neuropathy Alliance of Texas has an amazing functionality in Austin, Texas." -client

"I know for me, I have been very fortunate with Neuropathy Alliance of Texas, and I think my quality of life has dramatically improved because of their support groups, their classes, and their speakers." -client

"Through the Neuropathy Alliance, I got in contact with a neurologist who specialized in what was going on with me, and I finally got a definitive diagnosis and finally got on a treatment path that has helped immensely. I feel like over the past 3 years that I had nobody to turn to. I felt like I was the only person going through this, and to be able to find a person to take care of my problem, I feel like I have gotten my life back." -client

"I cannot tell you all how happy I am that I found you all and how helpful it was to actually talk to someone who understands what is going on medically and physically with me. Thank you, thank you for organizing this group. Well worth the trip to Austin from Dallas!" -client
Since our beginning, NATX has relied almost exclusively on volunteers and board members. Although we now have part-time staff, we still rely heavily on volunteers to attend to the business that allows us to provide quality programs. However, we always have room for more, particularly in the areas below.

Support Group Meetings:
-Set up and checking in attendees
-Managing the lending library
-Following up with new attendees
-Answering questions about NATX

Fundraising events:
-Obtaining sponsors
-Day-of-event logistics

-Board members
-Committee members

-Grant writing
-Administrative tasks