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Foundation Communities

I agree with Foundation Communities that everyone should have a place where their dreams can grow. FC is not just a 'one-trick pony': in addition to affordable housing they provide support services that help people turn their lives around, people from all sorts of backgrounds. Watch the short video below and, if you're so inspired, I hope you join me to make a big impact by investing in Foundation Communities. We all know someone who needs this sort of community. If everyone helps a little bit it makes Austin a much better community.


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I first became aware of Foundation Communities' amazing programs when they opened a building of efficiency apartments in my neighborhood. They have been a good neighbor and their programs help the larger community, not just their residents.

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Donations scheduled so far: Nancy Maclaine  |  Donna Di Carlo
Creator: Nancy Maclaine
Goal: $2,000.00
Raised: $257.50