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Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - TCADP

Please honor our relationship by contributing to my campaign to abolish the death penalty in Texas and nationwide! We are transforming the landscaper, raising new voices, meeting with legislators, district attorneys and more, while the public support for abolition continues an upward trend. The death penalty is applied unfairly, is more expensive than incarceration, doesn't work as a deterrent, and is decidedly barbaric. Although TCADP is based in Austin, we are the only state-wide educational and advocacy organization in Texas doing this work, which is why my appeal is coming to friends in Austin, the State of Texas and beyond. Thank you in advance for any and all support.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Mike Renquist

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if you can schedule it, please give between the hours of 1 and 2 pm central time on Friday, March 2. During that hour, even the smallest amount possible through Amplify Austin helps TCADP win again an additional fundraising prize, as we have for several y

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