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Amplify Austin this year falls on my birthday! So here's what I would LOVE instead of gifts. Please consider donating to my Amplify Austin fundraising page for the Andy Roddick Foundation in which I'm on the leadership council for.

The ARF enriches the lives of children when they're not in school.

At the Andy Roddick Foundation, we take the time children spend outside the classroom and turn it into real opportunities. Over and over again, we engage children in high-quality learning and enriching experiences after school and during the summer - the months and times of day when children in communities that have been left out and left behind need us the most. We give every child every chance to find what they were born to do.

For the first time this summer, students at Hart Elementary will discover new ways to ignite their passion through our acclaimed six-week summer learning and enrichment program. Students will participate in hands-on academic, physical and arts activities free of charge. The groundbreaking all-day, week-long program focuses on building resilient, healthy students who are ready for the next school year to start. Beginning in June, students will be traveling through time in the 1900s exploring important moments in history related to arts, STEM, food, sports, and more!


Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Max Pittman

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