Maria Has Animal Magnetism

Shadow Cats Rescue

I've been told I have a certain animal magnetism. I'd like to turn that magnetism to the coins (and currency) in your pocket for Shadow Cats! I love what Shadow Cats is doing for cats and kittens who come to us sick, injured or not adoptable because of behavioral issues. And I love the work they are doing with Feline Leukemia felines, providing a home, medical care and love for these cats and kittens who have no where else to go. Working as a volunteer at Shadow Cats is my passion - my magnificent passion. Please support Shadow Cats by donating to my passion and help us continue our work. I will personally deliver messages to the cats at the Sanctuary and tell them you are helping. You will be thanked with warm fuzzies, purrs, loving and a photo of a Shadow Cat.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Mar Chin

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Creator: Mar Chin
Goal: $200.00
Raised: $185.40