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Marbridge is a non-profit residential community that offers transitional and lifetime care to adults with a wide range of cognitive abilities - and through compassion and faith - provide them opportunities to learn, experience, and achieve A Whole New Life.

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IRS EIN: 74-1183095
Phone Number: 512-282-1144
Address: 2310 Bliss Spillar Road
Manchaca, TX 78652
This year we're celebrating 65 years of rich history in providing A Whole New Life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To commemorate 65 years of service, we have a goal of raising $65,000 and we need your help! Your donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $32,500. Donate now at, or visit us online at

Marbridge provides a caring home for 250 adults with special needs, ranging in age from 18 to end of life. Because of the generosity of our donors, volunteers and supporters, Marbridge residents are able to live life to the fullest. From life skills training and employment guidance, to life enrichment and leisure programs, our residents enjoy the opportunity to learn, experience and achieve, A Whole New Life!

At Marbridge, we focus on abilities, not disabilities. Many of our residents have been told what they can't do most of their lives. At Marbridge, our motto is yes, you can.

Impact Statement

While many of our residents were born with a disability, others are people just like you, whose life took a dramatic turn in the blink of an eye. Some of the diagnoses of the adults who live at Marbridge are autism, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome and traumatic brain injury. Regardless of the diagnosis, all residents at Marbridge seek to live as independently as possible. Many residents at Marbridge have spent the majority of their lives in our care. Some have outlived their families and financial support, and Marbridge is the only family they have. Please consider giving this deserving group of amazing people a hand up. Your donation will truly make a difference.

Needs Statement

Did you know that Texas ranks 50th in the U.S. in funding for people with disabilities? There are limited choices available for people with disabilities after they reach the age of 22 and are no longer able to participate in programs through the public school system. Our residents are just like you and me--they want to live a full life. The only difference is that they are not able to live on their own. They want to do the things we all take for granted in life….earn a living, have full social lives and close friends and just enjoy life. Please consider a donation to Marbridge to help our residents live the best life possible.
"I volunteer at Marbridge because every visit is life changing. Every interaction, every connection - it changes you bit by bit. Your soul is enriched with hope, love, happiness, understanding, and patience. The residents help you learn, and re-learn, with every interaction, the most fundamental lessons we need in life: kindness, compassion, gratitude. Beth Patterson, 2016 Marbridge Volunteer of the Year

"I came to Marbridge for college, like my brother. I've made wonderful friends and I enjoy being more on my own. I have two jobs and I am very happy here." - Brett W., Village Resident

"The staff at Marbridge really care for me. I have good friends, and I love my job at Seton and the team I work with. I enjoy living my own life." Sarah, Village resident

"I have made lots of new friends and like going on outings. I have a job and really like to work. I enjoy both cycling and swimming in Special Olympics." Andrew, Marbridge resident

"Once you become a volunteer at Marbridge, your heart is filled with the wonder of it all. You begin to look at things differently, and you find ways to give - through financial donations, a needed item, or a conversation with a resident." - Karen Little, Marbridge Volunteer since 2002

"I am a grown man and this is my first time to live away from home. I like the independence and choices we are given here." - Doug D., Village Resident
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Marbridge thrives because of the generous and caring hearts of our many volunteers! Volunteer opportunities are available for young and old, individuals, groups, corporations and organizations alike. The impact of volunteers on our community is invaluable!

Ways that you can volunteer: Bingo night, Special Olympics coaching and cheering, mentoring, accompanying residents on town trips, seasonal arts and crafts projects, campus repairs and projects, sponsor a movie night on campus, and much more!

For more information contact Haley Koop, Volunteer Coordinator at