Organizational Overview

P.O. Box 16018
Austin, Texas 78761

Mission Statement

Latinas Unidas Por El Arte (LUPE Arte) is dedicated to the promotion of the arts and culture by providing arts education to youth while also fostering emerging and professional artists thru employment opportunities. LUPE Arte is focused on sharing Latino arts and culture with the community while furthering the critical thinking skills, literacy, academic achievement and media awareness for children through multidisciplinary, culturally-relevant arts education. LUPE Arte supports artists with a focus on women artists and furthers community involvement in the arts.

Hello Amplify Austin Participants!
2016 was an exciting year for LUPE Arte. A few of our programs and events included:
• Ninos Y Arte (Children & Art), a multidisciplinary art program for elementary level students, providing after school and summer art classes for 1188 students at 7 AISD elementary schools in central East, North East, South areas. LUPE Arte contracted 20 local artists teaching visual, performances & technology classes.
• In September, a Leadership and Art Career Seminar for girls ages 10 - 12 was held at Brooke Elementary. The girls interacted with specialized artists in dance, theater, music, storytelling. The artists from Dance Austin, Dame Films, Ayuma Healing Arts, and SAY SI' shared their entrepreneurial experiences, leadership style and encouraging words related to self-esteem. The girls performed what they learned for parents, friends and volunteers at the end of the seminar. The total student and adult participations for the day was 85.
• In November 2016, Lupe Arte Multimedia participated in the East Austin Studio Tour as an exhibitor. Featured artists included Chris Rogers, Aldo Prado, Johnny Villareal, and Marylou Castillo.

In 2017 on top of our ongoing programs, Niños Y Arte, Mujures Y Arte, and Multimedia Y Arte, we will be focused on a few major events in the first half of the year:
• Perfecto Romero: Photographer of the Revolution chronicles the life and works of Perfecto Romero (b.Cuba, 1936). Perfecto Romero held the privileged position of documenting a most pivotal moment in Cuban history, capturing its central figures and the movement they were a part of. LUPE Arte is teaming up with AMATE (Agencia de Medios Alternativos y Taller Editorial / Alternative Media Agency and Trade Editions) to bring the documentary to Austin, TX. During this event, participants will have the chance to see the documentary and know the history of Cuba's revolution through the eyes of Perfecto as a photojournalist. There will be an opportunity to buy copies of Perfecto's book of photos and have a Q&A session with the audience. This event will allow us to teach our youth and community members how important photojournalists are and why we must support and cultivate photojournalism. Perfecto Romero: Photographer of the Revolution is sponsored by LUPE Arte, hosted by Austin Community College" and supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. Where: Austin Community College 3401 Webberville Rd, Building 8500 Multipurpose Room Austin, TX 78702 When: March 31, 2017 - Time: 7:00 p.m
• BEING ALIVE Feed the Body & Soul Workshop. This workshop for girls ages 9 - 12 years will emphasize healthy and wellness lifestyles. The goals of this workshop are to build understanding about personal life choices to promote healthy bodies and souls including creativity, body isometrics and food exploration. Girls will participate in interactive activities including story sharing, dance with yoga, rhythm & music movement, and nutritional education. Healthy organic food prep will be demonstrated by sous-chefs, nutritionists will share recipes, and girls will prepare food. Mothers will also be invited to participate in the food preparation. Join us for a fun and educational day and leave with your body, mind, spirit and heart refreshed. Where: TBD. When: June 2017
• And finally, we started our expansion into other central Texas markets with our first venture beginning in San Antonio. LUPE Arte made a conscience effort to expand their outreach to other local school districts that would benefit from our programs. Our goal was to expand LUPE Arte programs to San Antonio to address the need of arts education in San Antonio's independent school district with the highest dropout rate. We wanted to make a difference of the Percentage of 10- to 18- year-olds in grades 5-12 who are at risk of not earning a high school diploma or alternative credential. LUPE Arte's art education programs are designed to improve the academic achievement of disadvantaged students through the arts. LUPE Arte's goal is to enroll San Antonio students into our arts education programs and engage students in planning their own education career.
If you would like more information about any of these topics, please contact Marylou Castillo at 512-407-9911 or email at

WE APPRECIATE YOU! Your donation will enable us to introduce students to the world of art and cultural experiences through collaborative art projects, fun & educational classes and work with local Austin artists. Every donation will help support a artist, woman or child that might not be able to participate financially on their own. We look forward sharing with you our program development and the students/artists' accomplishments next year!

Impact Statement

LUPE Arte has been a nonprofit arts organization in Austin, TX for 15 years. We knew in 1999 that by investing in our local community, by working with local artists, youth, parents and education administrators, LUPE Arte could help provide diverse, multimedia multidisciplinary arts education at various levels of both learning and teaching for artists, parents, students and the community. Since 1999 LUPE Arte has been providing sustainable economic opportunities to artists who share their knowledge and expertise with students and the Austin community as a whole. LUPE Arte is focused on three programs providing arts education as a means to keep youth in school and decrease the number of dropouts in Austin. LUPE Arte also provides women artists of color a platform to show case their art work and provide women support. In turn artists provide arts education to economically disadvantaged youth in our programs. Artists help increase the likelihood of students staying in school and seek higher education in an art field. Artists help remind students of the importance of education as an investment to themselves. The percentage increase in the number of students identified as economically disadvantaged was greater than for the student population overall. The number of students identified as economically disadvantage rose by 814,855 or 35.7 percent whereas the total public school population rose by 823,897 or 19 percent. LUPE Arte has been in demand since its inception helping students understand the importance of higher education in the arts and providing a head start in arts education. Our programs teach leadership skills, encourage team building, enhance self-esteem, promote personal accountability and foster creative culturally relevant art. LUPE Arte provides non-traditional learning as an effective approach that supports freedom of expression by students and artists. LUPE Arte has provided AISD with Niños Y Arte (Children & Art) an after school arts education program, since 1999. Niños Y Arte (Children & Art) programs have been to more than 200 AISD schools and/or events. To date LUPE Arte has worked with over 125 local artists. LUPE Arte provides the Parks and Recreation Department in east Austin with art education programs, art workshops and camps for the community. We continue to improve and sustain opportunities for artists to inspire creativity, opportunities, knowledge and the necessary tools to continue the work of an artist. All of our programs results and events are listed and posted on our websites and social media network accounts.

Needs Statement

How will your donation support LUPE Arte?
1. Short Term Goal: (2 - 5 years) - Austin Local Market/Central Texas - Continue providing art education to AISD students with the most economic need of arts education. Increase budget to employ additional local artists and increase our number of students impacted. Expand art career workshop, camps and after school classes to include more students in need. Your donation allows us to sponsor artists, woman and children who might not be able to afford to participate.
2. Medium Term Goal: (5 - 10 years) - Provide San Antonio and Mercedes, Texas with LUPE Arte's programming in the arts and humanities.
3. Long Term Goal: (10 -20 years) - National Expansion of Art Programs for socioeconomic disadvantage areas.
Help LUPE Arte support their audacious goals starting in Austin. Supporting our nonprofit arts education organization will help us maintain our programs in Austin and keep our current location. We will be able to stay at our current location however we need additional funds to pay artists and rent space to be able to take more than 15 students per class workshop. LUPE Arte also needs help in paying for more students' tuition. All proceeds go directly to sustain LUPE Arte and its mission and vision.
The ultimate goal would be to help LUPE Arte become a nationally recognized organization that provides diverse, multidisciplinary arts education at various levels of both learning and teaching for artists, parents and students across the nation and particularly in rural, urban or communities in need of artistic resources. Our local immediate goal is to increase our budget to be able to continue to hold and add additional workshop classes due to the increase of students who are economically disadvantaged and help give them a head start in the art field. Below are some of our goals and needs to meet our mission and vision in Austin.

"LUPE Arte is one of Central Texas's best non-profit organizations bringing the arts and children and communities who absolutely benefit from having access to arts education and develop the arts. LUPE Arte has excellent leaders, coordinators and teachers in their programs. Working with LUPE Arte has been positive, educational and inspiring. LUPE Arte continually reaches out to under-served communities, contributes to the thriving arts community of Central Texas, creates the best of possibilities for teachings artists and students, and innovates and advances every step of the way. LUPE Arte fills an important role in providing quality services including multi-disciplinary and culturally relevant programming. I am very supportive of LUPE Arte and its continued success, to outreach to under-served communities, and development of Multimedia Projects. I am a teacher and collaborator with LUPE Arte and keep going back to their Niños y Arte Program, their Mujeres y Arte Program and their LUPE Arte Multimedia Project."
Christina Romero
Director, Teacher and Performing Artist
Voice Boutique Company, Austin

Dear Amplify Austin Supporters
I'm a board member of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas where I serve as the Program Director and Government Affairs Director. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with LUPE Arte to give our members the opportunity to participate in LUPE Arte's Multimedia Project, particularly the arts education program for our Latino members. They provided students with two programs. Day camps called 'Story Telling and Animation' and the other is a Performing Arts Program where they created a three act performance based on the past, present, and future. Both programs are culturally rich and the LUPE Arte instructors are amazing. We hope they can receive the funds they need to provide these programs for our community.

I fully recommend that they be given an opportunity to give others the arts education that our group of students desperately need. It's my pleasure to recommend LUPE Arte! They deserve all the support they can get to achieve their mission. I hope you will invest in them so that they can invest in a historically underserved part of our community; our Latino youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We believe giving our members opportunities to participate in the arts to help give them many valuable skills that will help them succeed. The experience of being part of creativity not only on stage for family and friends and in their community builds a new found level of confidence and increased self-esteem will help them be successful in all they do.

Thank you for considering donating to LUPE Arte. On behalf of DSACT we sincerely appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Gerard Jimenez
Program Director
Government Affairs Director
Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas
We welcome volunteers at any of our events. Fore more information please email Violet Leos at