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Latinas Unidas Por El Arte (LUPE Arte) is dedicated to the promotion of the arts and culture by providing arts education to youth while also fostering emerging and professional artists thru employment opportunities. LUPE Arte is focused on sharing Latino arts and culture with the community while furthering the critical thinking skills, literacy, academic achievement and media awareness for children through multidisciplinary, culturally-relevant arts education. LUPE Arte supports artists with a focus on women artists and furthers community involvement in the arts.

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IRS EIN: 74-2995052
Phone Number: 512-228-2592
Address: P. O. Box 16018
Austin, TX 78761-6018
Title: Un Mundo Mejor Es Posible - A Better World is Possible
The series include pictures taken during different stages of the Zapatista struggle. She feels fortunate of traveling to the state of Chiapas, México, several times since 1994.
Paula Reynoso, photographer was born in Mexico City and resides in the Los Angeles County since 1978. In 1987 she was one of the founders of Macondo Cultural Center, a community based non-for profit cultural organization, and currently she is the Executive Director. She is currently co-producer of Perspectiva de las Americas, a radio show for Pacifica Radio. And Co-Coordinator of the Perfecto

Impact Statement

LUPE Arte has been a nonprofit arts organization in Austin, TX for 19 years. We knew in 1999 that by investing in our local community, by working with local artists, youth, parents and education administrators, LUPE Arte could help provide diverse, multimedia multidisciplinary arts education at various levels of both learning and teaching for artists, parents, students and the community. Since 1999 LUPE Arte has been providing sustainable economic opportunities to artists who share their knowledge and expertise with students and the Austin community as a whole. LUPE Arte is focused on three programs providing arts education as a means to keep youth in school and decrease the number of dropouts in Austin. LUPE Arte also provides women artists of color a platform to show case their art work and provide women support. In turn artists provide arts education to economically disadvantaged youth in our programs. Artists help increase the likelihood of students staying in school and seek higher education in an art field. Artists help remind students of the importance of education as an investment to themselves. The percentage increase in the number of students identified as economically disadvantaged was greater than for the student population overall. The number of students identified as economically disadvantage rose by 814,855 or 35.7 percent whereas the total public-school population rose by 823,897 or 19 percent. LUPE Arte has been in demand since its inception helping students understand the importance of higher education in the arts and providing a head start in arts education. Our programs teach leadership skills, encourage team building, enhance self-esteem, promote personal accountability and foster creative culturally relevant art. LUPE Arte provides non-traditional learning as an effective approach that supports freedom of expression by students and artists. LUPE Arte has served AISD students since inception.

Needs Statement

1. Short Term Goal: (2 - 5 years) - Austin Local Market/Central Texas - Continue providing art education to AISD students with the most economic need of arts education. Increase budget to contract additional local artists and increase our number of students impacted. Expand art career workshop, multimedia camps and after school classes to include more students in need. Your donation allows us to sponsor artist's project, and woman and children who might not be able to afford to participate in leadership workshops or multimedia day camp.
2. Medium Term Goal: (5 - 10 years) - Expand LUPE Arte's programming in the arts and humanities in nearby communities.
3. Long Term Goal: (10 -20 years) - National Expansion of Art Programs for socioeconomic disadvantage areas.
Help LUPE Arte support their audacious goals starting in Austin. Supporting our nonprofit arts education organization will help us expand our programs in and around Austin. We need additional funds to pay specialized artists, students' tuition, and space rental to offer leadership, animation, film workshop. LUPE Arte also needs help in paying for more students' tuition. All proceeds go directly to sustain LUPE Arte and its mission and vision.
The ultimate goal would be to help LUPE Arte become a nationally recognized organization that provides diverse, multidisciplinary arts education at various levels of both learning and teaching for artists, parents and students across the nation and particularly in rural, urban or communities in need of artistic resources. Our local immediate goal is to increase our budget to be able to continue to hold and add additional workshop classes due to the increase of students who are economically disadvantaged and help give them a head start in the art field. Below are some of our goals and needs to meet our mission and vision in Austin.
"I was thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with LUPE Arte to give our members the opportunity to participate in LUPE Arte's Multimedia Project, particularly the arts education program for our Latino members. They are interested in offering us two programs. Day camps called Story Telling and Animation and the other is a Performing Arts Program where they will create a three act performance based on the past, present, and future. Both programs are culturally rich and the LUPE Arte instructors are amazing. We hope they can receive the funds they need to provide these programs for our community. We believe giving our members opportunities to participate in the arts to help give them many valuable skills that will help them succeed. The experience of being part of creativity not only on stage for family and friends and in their community builds a new found level of confidence and increased self-esteem will help them be successful in all they do."
Gerard Jimenez
Program Director
Government Affairs Director
Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas

"I have partnered with LUPE Arte for the past two years to provide supplemental arts education to our students through the Prime Time after school program. This partnership has brought students into contact with local artists and introduced artistic and cultural elements, which they otherwise would not have been exposed to. Participating students have had the opportunity to use their creativity to make art objects out of recycled materials; learned a variety of modern Latin dances from different local artists; explored and written poetry; and engaged in activities related to the theater through an acting class. Students shared their work through various show cases both at the school and district level." Stephanie Beverding
Librarian/after school program coordinator
Joslin Elementary
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