Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care offered by Catnip Casa Cat Refuge

Organizational Overview

Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care offered by Catnip Casa Cat Refuge
PO Box 81663
Austin, 78708

Mission Statement

Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care program partners with community service organizations that serve elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged pet owners. We provide temporary foster care when owners must be hospitalized or are in crisis. Keeping the pets safe and sending them home benefits the owners and the pets, while allowing shelters to focus on truly homeless pets.

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge is the parent organization, which provides care for cats that require extensive rehab or lifelong pawspice. We also support and facilitate TNR for community cats.

We launched Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care program in 2016 with great hope of filling a gap in pet and human services with a service that would keep more pets in their home, benefit senior owners, and reduce the burden on shelters. The year went better than we ever hoped with four wonderful grants awarded and several exciting community events. We also gained the support of too many local businesses to list. Needless to say, Love & Cuddles is on the way to growing into the program we dreamed it could become.

Impact Statement

Our primary community partner is Meals on Wheels PALS. The clients they refer to us are elderly and/or disabled pet owners facing a health crisis. Their pet is usually their only companion, but due to lack of family and resources, they may face giving up their pet permanently to a shelter when they need to be hospitalized. Many avoid medical care to protect a beloved dog or cat, even when it compromises their health.

It's well known that pets provide important emotional support and companionship. Of course, a great many of their pets are long-time companions that are also seniors and not easy to re-home. Both organizations use many community resources to help the animals and keep them in their homes, which also takes a burden off of local shelters. The sad fact is there are never enough resources.

When a pet is given up, the owner's treatment and recovery suffers due to grief and guilt. That situation is compounded by loneliness and depression when they return to an empty house.

Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care benefits people and pets by providing a network of foster homes that offer short-term care during hospitalizations. This program also reduces the burden on local shelters by keeping pets that have a home out of the shelter. Save A Pet--Save A Family.

Needs Statement

Our funds are used for veterinary care, food, emergency boarding, and medications.
We have an ongoing need to pay for veterinary care for animals coming through the Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care program. Because the situations that require temporary foster care are often emergencies of the type that happen when a person is taken to the hospital by ambulance in the middle of the night, We also need funds for emergency boarding to give us time to arrange a temporary foster home. Of course, all of the animals need food and some need medications while in our custody. The more short-term foster homes we have and the larger our emergency fund, the more animals we can save.

"I shed a few tears when I saw your pamphlet. This will fulfill such a need for the elderly. It is so hard to give up your pet to take care of your own needs." Claylia Miller, Enrollment Counselor, Men's Shelter, Salvation Army

"Because I personally have seen instances of this problem with acquaintances, this problem is dear to my heart. It is truly heartbreaking for the pets and their owners, and current resources for assistance are nearly impossible to find." Carrie Laymon, M.Ed.

We post opportunities for Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care and Catnip Casa Cat Refuge on regularly.

Our most critical need is always for short-term foster homes for dogs and cats whose owners are hospitalized. We serve owners who are aged, disabled, veterans, or otherwise in need of assistance. The owners are referred to us through community service programs such as Meals on Wheels PALS program, which is our primary community partner. Fostering for us is easy, short-term, and flexible. Forms and volunteer information can be found on our website.

We also need reliable volunteers to help with events. Several large, fun events are coming this year and our volunteers get time to enjoy the event too. In addition, our cats need loving people to play with senior and special needs cats that are residents at the intake foster home. A person who doesn't mind scooping litter and doing some cleanup while enjoying the cats would be very welcome. There's lots of fun, and lots of work, to do to keep resident and guest animals happy and healthy.
Amount: $500.00
Sponsored By: Board Member Match

The first $500 dollars will be matched dollar for dollar.