Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

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Organizational Overview

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas
1640B E 2nd St
Austin, Texas 78702

Mission Statement

The Literacy Coalition improves the quality and increases the availability of literacy services for Central Texans.

Literacy is more than knowing how to read.

In today's world, literacy is about using printed and written information to function in society, achieve one's goals and develop one's knowledge and potential. At the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, we believe everyone should have the skills they need to reach their full potential.

To function in society, achieve their goals and develop their potential, families and individuals must:  

• Understand medical instructions
• Use a computer
• Have a solid command of the English language
• Navigate the transit and workforce systems

The Literacy Coalition helps ensure individuals can obtain these skills by embedding its high-quality, proven programming in the business, healthcare and nonprofit sectors, meeting the needs of clients and families where they already go to work, receive support services, or seek care. Our programs and services are designed to deepen the impact of local nonprofits, strengthen the business workforce, and build stronger communities.

Impact Statement

We strive to create a Central Texas community that is 100% literate, employable, and engaged. Since our founding in 2001, we have more than doubled the number of adults receiving literacy services in the region. We have trained more than 1,000 volunteer literacy instructors to teach basic literacy and English as a Second Language since 2009. Just in 2013, our staff referred more than 700 families in need to free and low-cost literacy programs. Our AmeriCorps service members provide vital literacy services to more than 3,000 adults and families annually.
Last year alone, the Literacy Coalition:

• Collaborated with over a dozen learning centers, including our own, which provide high-quality literacy instruction-reading, writing, math, English instruction and high school diploma exam preparation.
• Ensured more than 1,000 adults improved their literacy skills through our collaborative programs
• Trained 200 adult literacy teachers, who improved the quality of their instruction through our Literacy Forward program
• Improved the English language skills of 300 employees at their place of employment through our English @ Work program
• Helped 300 parents gain the skills they need to ensure their children enter kindergarten school-ready through our PALS parenting program, one of the largest of its kind in Central Texas
• Served over 3000 adults and families through our AmeriCorps service members.

Needs Statement

While all donations received by the Literacy Coalition support our ability to improve literacy levels in our community, here's how your donation will help us today:

• $25 covers the cost of intake testing for a new adult literacy student at our Ascend Center for Learning.
• $50 will provide health literacy training for a family with a child with special health needs
• $100 will pay for a student to take a high school equivalency (i.e. GED) practice test in our Learning Center
• $250 will provide an adult student with four months of basic literacy at our Learning Center
• $500 will provide a nonprofit with access to literacy training and resources for a year
• $1,000 will pay for a new family of three to attend our bilingual (Spanish/English) parenting program for 12 weeks

"As a measure of the Literacy Coalition's literacy instructor training, while teaching my next GED class, I looked at our methods and the experience of the students with a new perspective and vision. I feel this type of teaching, based on empathy and empowerment, is wonderfully progressive and I am so glad I am getting to know and be a part of this." - anonymous literacy volunteer
"The RGK Foundation values the unique leadership role the Coalition is demonstrating to centrally coordinate, support, and improve literacy services in Central Texas through high-impact technical assistance for the providers."
- RGK Foundation, donor and supporter of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas.

"Since incorporating the teaching strategies learned in the Literacy Coalition's training series, more and more students are attending the class, due to word-of-mouth acclamation for the efficacy of the classes and fun activities. (A big contrast from the common class attrition!) The classes are way more active, with students talking and interacting much more. They are smiling and laughing during the learning activities. It's really changed our program!"
- Literacy Volunteers of Wimberley, partner agency to the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas.

"Employee turnover among participants has decreased by 16 percent. This saved us $250,000 or seven times what we spent on the program-a darn good return on investment!"
- Scott Carlisle, Director of Support Services Seton Healthcare Family and client of Literacy Coalition of Central Texas' ENGLISH @ WORK program

Making Lemonade!

by Anne Helmick-Lyon

Literacy is more than knowing how to read. It's about having the communication skills necessary to reach your full potential and make the most out of the "fruits of your labor". The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas helps ensure individuals can obtain these skills through a variety of very cool programs.

This past year has been an exciting transition for me as I joined the Literacy Coalition to help promote one of those very cool programs; English @ Work.

I wanted to help make a difference and I think that we have, right now we have 25 English @ Work classes in progress at different central Texas employers - more than any other time in our history - yahoo!

Please join me in supporting this great program and the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas by making a donation through Amplify Austin

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Goal: $500.00

Help families and individuals reach their full potential!!

by Hannah O'Brien

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm doing my final field at The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, and the work we do here is so important! I support the Coalition because of its relentless commitment to ensuring individuals in our community gain the skills they need to get ahead in life, regardless of education level or socioeconomic status. The Coalition empowers those who are motivated through:
1. Helping them get their high school diploma or GED
2. Equipping them with a solid command of the English language
3. Teaching them how to understand and navigate the healthcare system
4. Teaching them how to use a computer
5. Helping them navigate the transit and workforce systems
6. Supporting them as they acquire job skills to earn a better paying job
7. Helping parents learn how to support their young children's cognitive and social-emotional development

The Coalition not only serves our community through direct service, but works to advance the adult education and family literacy sectors by increasing the quality of instruction as well as integrating workforce development into area literacy programs.Your donation today will not only be amplified in monetary value, but will be amplified through the resources and support we provide to all of our partner agencies.

Why is this work important?
• 36 million adults in the United States lack basic work skills like literacy, numeracy, and problem solving.
• In the Austin area alone, the demand for middle and high-skilled workers continues to outpace the supply.
• There are approximately 90,000 working-age adults in the Austin area who have no higher education, college or career training, and cannot access middle-skill jobs
o Of those 90,000, about 40,000 need literacy instruction to help them get their high school diploma and/or access career training programs

Please join me and help me reach my goal of $750 to support the amazing work of The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas!

Thank you!

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Goal: $750.00