Susan G. Komen Austin

Organizational Overview

Susan G. Komen Austin
1705 S Capital of TX Hwy
Austin, Texas 78746

Mission Statement

Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

In 2016, we declared a Bold Goal to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. within the next decade.

Impact Statement

Susan G. Komen Austin has invested over $16 million since 1999 into local community healthcare grants, educational initiatives, and global research studies to find the cures for breast cancer.

With you contributions, Komen Austin funded 2,027 mammograms in 2015. 31 of those women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Needs Statement

• $10,000: Provides six months of treatment for one woman
• $5,000: Provides 50 mammograms
• $2,500: Provides 20 clinical breast exams
• $1,500: Provides emergency assistance for 6 women facing breast cancer
• $1,000: Provides advanced diagnostic services including MRI, biopsy, and tissue exams
• $500: Provides diagnostic services including biopsy, ultrasound, and tissue exams to prescribe the best course of treatment
• $250: Provides emergency assistance for a woman facing breast cancer
• $100: Provides a woman with a life-saving mammogram

"Thank you all for the generous help finding a no-cost mammogram for my niece - when her health insurance wouldn't pay for it.
We were lucky, I'm paying it forward" - Lin

"I went in for my regular mammogram as usual and at 39, they called me back to come in and take a biopsy and yes, it was malignant and I had stage 1 breast cancer. But early detection saved my life. Now I am a 5 year and counting survivor, I work as a research consultant , researching breast cancer, and I volunteer." - Lisa

"A couple of days later, a nurse from the Women's Health Center called and said, "We have you scheduled for a mammogram, and it is paid for." When I asked how, she said through a grant from Susan G. Komen. That mammogram saved my life, as they found more spots in the other breast." - Jessica
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