Amplify Day Goal: $50,000.00

Organizational Overview

PO Box 7158
Austin, 78713-7158

Mission Statement

For over 50 years, KLRU-TV, Austin's only community supported public television station, has brought exceptional educational programming to Central Texas. Through high-quality multimedia content, we engage people of all ages in the thoughtful exchange of ideas, the expression of the arts, and enjoyable lifelong learning opportunities, enriching the lives of all viewers through public television programming, community services and events.

Austin Revealed is an oral history project that highlights stories of Austin's past and present to encourage discussion and thought around the city's future. The latest installment will explore the heritage of Austin's Mexican-American citizens and organizations.

This project will focus on the Austin Chicano movement of the 1960's and 1970's as told by the Austin residents that lived it. Covering some of the themes that led to the rise of the movement, the piece will take us through the struggles and triumphs that occurred during the era, and include some of the aftermath. Each story will present a cohesive oral history focused on the community and its role in Austin Civil Rights.

Impact Statement

KLRU is your only community-supported public television station - and we're so much more than just that. Everyday, KLRU broadens your horizons by exploring YOUR WORLD and builds a sense of belonging by connecting YOUR COMMUNITY. We tell the stories that entertain, inspire and change lives. And it's only by strengthening YOUR INVESTMENT that we can continue to make a difference in the homes, classrooms and communities of Central Texas.

Needs Statement

- $40 gift would provide educational outreach for 1 child
- For every $10 you give, you'd provide 1 hour of educational programming
- For every hour of PBS programming, KLRU needs to raise $42 from the community.
- For every hour of programming on all 4 of KLRU's channels, KLRU, KLRU-Q, CREATE & Vme, we must raise $168 from the community.

"The quality of the programs is immeasurably superior to any other channel. The quality of programs made locally is also excellent. I have learned more about America in general and Austin in particular, by watching KLRU over the past five years since I arrived in the US than any other source." - Peter S., Austin

"Local community affairs productions. Wide variety of national & local programs appealing to all ages and interests. Shows that educate in interesting and compelling ways, drawing one in to new experiences and subjects that are unfamiliar or adding depth to knowledge about our world, its geography, climate, cultures, & people (past, present, and future!). Always educating, broadening our minds, while also offering quality entertainment. The KLRU staff of caring committed people making it such an amazing station!" - Karen & Fred G., Austin