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Keep Austin Fed reduces hunger and helps the environment by connecting surplus food and hungry neighbors.

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IRS EIN: 46-3754567
Phone Number: 512-831-3654
Address: 3903 S. Congress Ave #40760
Austin, TX 78704
After recovering over 625,000 pounds of food to feed our neighbors in 2016, the goals of Keep Austin Fed for 2017 are to expand our outreach capacity even further with more volunteers, new food donor establishments, and additional recipient organizations. Phase 2 of Austin's Zero Waste Ordinance, requiring all food service businesses to divert organic material from the landfill, has started to go into effect. This has generated an increased interest in food recovery services such as Keep Austin Fed, and gives the food establishments an opportunity to give back to their community. We strive to make that connection!

Impact Statement

Keep Austin Fed collects wholesome, nutritious, perishable food from local grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, and retailers and distributes it immediately to other charitable organizations that provide food services to their clients.

In 2016, more than 200 Keep Austin Fed volunteers:
- rescued approximately 52,000 pounds of healthy nutritious food each month from grocery stores, retailers and restaurants for a total of 625,000+ pounds for the year
- distributed food to non-profit organizations that serve 7,800+ individuals each week
- collectively contributed 5,000+ hours to serve others
- rescued an average of 900 pounds of food per person, per month
- collectively provided 525,000+ nutritious meals to our neighbors in need
- kept 300+ tons of food out of local landfills

Needs Statement

On average, each of our volunteers rescues enough food to provide approximately 700 meals per month.

A donation of $100 provides the equipment for one volunteer to safely transport hot and cold food immediately from our food donors to our neighbors in need.

Our current equipment needs to ensure food safety during the transport of the surplus food from the donor establishment to the recipient organization are:
- 200 big insulated bags
- 300 small insulated bags
- 50 scales
- 300 thermometers

A donation of any amount will help us to expand our outreach, recruit new donor establishments and onboard new recipient organizations in 2017 and beyond.
"It went great! The clients loved it. We had a lot of families get food and they all actually ate together. We might bring out more tables and chairs to make it more inviting for everyone. We figured they would just come take a plate and head back to their cluster but it was nice seeing everyone eating together and hanging out." - SAFE Austin (formerly known as SafePlace) after receiving its first surplus meal delivery from G&M Catering.

"I'M BACK! This felt good today, last minute. I was having a really bad day and this made it think about other people getting delicious meals...." - Victoria P., Keep Austin Fed Volunteer

"We would like to thank you tremendously for the on-going donations!! We greatly value the relationship with Keep Austin Fed, and wholeheartedly appreciate the generosity from KAF and the various donors; what an amazing concept and such a wonderful opportunity for our residents to have access to additional supplemental food." - Lori B., Foundation Communities Program Manager

Match Amount

Mickey Leib and Jim & Bebe Barden have pledged to match a combined $5000!