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St. John Paul II Life Center provides women's care that honors and protects each life.

Specifically, we operate an OB-GYN PRACTICE, provide FERTILITY CARE, and assist women facing UNEXPECTED PREGNANCIES with life-affirming choices.

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IRS EIN: 20-8785471
Phone Number: 512-407-2900
Address: 1600 W. 38th Street Suite 110
Austin, TX 78731
We served our 1,000th client this past November. Only three percent continued with their original abortion plans, 12 made adoption plans, and the rest are loving parents!

Our physicians have successfully reversed the effects of the abortion pill and saved five babies!

Now that we have TWO Board Certified OB-GYNs, we're able to help even more women striving to conceive and carry babies full term. NaPro is nearly 3X more effective than IVF, significantly cheaper and never destroys human embryos or implanted fetuses.

Impact Statement

In the seven years we've been open, we've helped 1,000+ women facing unexpected pregnancies with only 3% choosing abortion, reversed the effects of the abortion pill for five women who've delivered healthy babies, and provided hope to hundreds of couples facing infertility (NaProTECHNOLOGY is significantly more effective and less expensive than InVitro Fertilization).

Needs Statement

The need for our services continues to grow. Your financial gifts provide:

$100 - a day of Google ads to reach abortion minded women and give them hope!
$400 - a free sonogram for a mother in crisis
$1,200 - one month of supplies (diapers, clothes, toys, bottles, formula, etc.) in Gianna's Closet
$5,000 - cost to adopt a client for 30 months, including medical care.

No gift is too small... or too large! Thank you for your consideration!
"We paid for a sonogram at the abortion facility and didn't see a thing. This sonogram is free and we're seeing every inch of my son." Amanda spoke these words when she first saw her 19-week-old son in her womb. She was determined to abort, but after learning she could become a patient at our clinic, attend free classes, and receive other assistance, she chose life. She delivered a beautiful baby boy. Today, she is drug-free and is able to keep a job... all out of love for her son!

Leslie was married with two daughters when she learned she was pregnant. Because the relationship wasn't healthy, she left her husband to keep them safe. Abortion, she thought, was the only choice she could make. But after seeing her child on the sonogram and learning of other resources available, she resolved to parent all three of her children - no matter what. She delivered a beautiful baby boy with chubby cheeks and gorgeous hair. One of our generous donors even gave her a car to transport her family safely.

Laura and Carl struggled with infertility and drove several hours to come to Vitae Clinic where they conceived and delivered a healthy little boy through NaProTECHNOLOGY two years ago. Their second son was just born this past Autumn!

Match Amount


Matching Funds Description

Gifts will be matched "dollar for dollar" up to $10,000 from 3-4 pm on March 2. That's the hour Our Lord died on the cross for our sins. We will pray for you and your intentions in our Chapel during this hour as our thank you for your prayers and generosity.
We primarily seek two types of volunteers: prayer warriors and client advocates. Prayer warriors receive alerts when we need special prayers and client advocates assist mothers with education, material assistance, spiritual companionship, and most of all reminding them how beautiful, courageous, and capable they are.