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Launch Pad Job Club

I have been a board member for the club and am currently attending the weekly meeting. I have returned to the club each time I needed to refocus my job search and am always glad to know the club is there for me. Please contribute so the club may be here for more generations of job seekers.

Launch Pad Job Club is looking for funding to support our signature program, Leap to Success. Leap to Success provides pro bono, short term, professional project assistance to Austin and Central Texas nonprofits. This is a true "win-win for all involved: the nonprofits receive services they do not have the time, expertise, or budget to address on their own; the volunteers keep their job skills sharp, or gain new ones, while seeking employment making them more attractive to potential employers. Our LTS project teams have completed 85 projects for 65 nonprofits since 2013.

Our LTS team of volunteers have given so much of their time and talents in ensuring this program takes off, we need funding to ensure the ongoing health of the program.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, John Rothgeb


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Donated so far: Guillaume Hennion  |  Frances Walker-Baptist  |  Frances and Pete Schenkkan  |  Robert Rutishauser  |  John Rothgeb
Creator: John Rothgeb
Goal: $500.00
Raised: $437.75