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1 in 45 children and more than 3.5 million adults in the U.S. have autism. Autism is found everywhere - each of us has loved ones with autism, or we know people in our communities who are affected by autism. In different ways, autism affects us all. Right now, there are kids and families - your community members - who need your support. They are children with autism, and those that require unique
approaches to education; they are children that attend William's Community School. These unique students learn in different ways, and our 501c3 nonprofit
school was founded to give them the personal education they need and deserve. Our mission is to provide individualized and affordable education for these students, integrated therapy services to allow for their families to receive adequate resources and support, and to help the Austin autism community thrive. We cannot accomplish these goals without your help. This year, we are hoping to raise funds to replace two broken air conditioners!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, evan mccormick

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