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Jane's Due Process works to ensure legal representation for pregnant minors across Texas. Our goal is to have every pregnant teen know that she has the right to seek legal help, to be treated with respect and sensitivity by those who work in the legal system and to participate in legal proceedings where everyone is interested in following the law.

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IRS EIN: 75-2917844
Website: http://www.janesdueprocess.org
Email: jdprocess@gmail.com
Phone Number: 512-444-7891
Address: P.O. Box 685137
Austin, TX 78768-5137
On January 1, 2015, one of the most restrictive parental involvement laws for abortion in the country went into effect in Texas. After passing HB 2, a draconian law in 2013 that shuttered more than half of the state's abortion clinics, state lawmakers followed up with a law in 2015 directly targeting minors seeking abortion care. The new legislation, HB 3994, forces minors seeking judicial bypass to file in their home counties, regardless of their circumstances, jeopardizing their confidentiality in the process. It includes several provisions that could act as an end-all barrier to a teen accessing the courts when her parent cannot be found or safely notified of an unplanned pregnancy. Rest assured, we're only working harder now.

While the legislature may not grasp how critical a judicial bypass option is for certain minors, we know its importance all too well. We remain the only organization in Texas to serve these young women, advocating ceaselessly for their safety and reproductive autonomy. You can learn more about the teens we serve by reading their stories on our Stories from Jane blog.

With the advent of the new law, JDP teamed up with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid to host nine CLE trainings on the new judicial bypass law as well as how to screen for domestic violence. These free CLEs are now online and available for those interested in serving as attorney ad litems and guardian ad litems.

Impact Statement

We are dedicated to providing Texas minors with comprehensive family planning information including: pregnancy prevention and contraception, parenting, open and closed adoption, pregnancy termination, and legal services for those seeking to utilize the judicial bypass process.

Jane's provides a safety net of information and support for pregnant minors across the state of Texas, working with clients from 45 individual counties in 2016 alone. Our clients are some of the most vulnerable in the state; many of our callers do not have relationships with their parents, or are survivors of domestic violence or neglect. In 2015, Jane's Due Process took on 287 cases, 178 of whom participated in our attorney referral program.

Needs Statement

No service is useful if it is unknown. At Jane's Due Process we have the ability to help young women navigate a complicated, scary, and very adult legal system so that they can make choices that are right for them and their futures. Sadly, with the dismantling of the family planning network coupled with the closing of abortion providers, young women are caught in the middle, often unable to obtain contraception or abortion services. Those who relied on confidential family planning services at Title X clinics are now scrambling to find nearby healthcare facilities. If teens do become pregnant and wish to terminate, access to abortion services is increasingly burdensome logistically, financially, and emotionally. The shuttering of clinics statewide has a profound impact on minors seeking abortion services. JDP statistics indicate that 80 percent of our clients learn of our services from abortion providers. It is urgent that we find new avenues and develop innovative strategies to market our services, particularly since many of the clinics closed during the legal battles over HB 2 and have not since reopened.

Your contribution to Jane's Due Process will help us to maintain our services, including our 24-hour toll free hotline, sonogram funding, and attorney referral program. Additionally, you will help us as we work to increase outreach to those in need of our services through search engine optimization, personal outreach to professionals and organizations working directly with youth, and improving our communication with youth through social media presence.
"Thank you for even choosing to take care of me. I didn't really have anyone to turn to. What you did for me will never be forgotten. You calmed me down. Along the way, you helped me not to feel alone. You're the best person I've ever met."
-16 year old Jane to her attorney

"Everything was so scary before I found y'all. I took a Greyhound bus alone to my first appointment and walked from the station. It was dark after, but I had to walk back."
-17 year-old Jane, after her procedure

"I really don't know what I'd do if I hadn't found y'all. I wouldn't have anywhere to live. Thank you."
-15 year-old Jane, after her judicial bypass

"This takes so much pressure off of my chest. I was so scared that I would have to have a baby because I don't have parents really."
-16 year-old Jane, after receiving a lawyer