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For 20 years, VSA Texas has worked with individuals with disabilities to give voice to a whole range of stories, memories, attitudes, and experiences not usually shared with the general public.

As a mother of an artist who just so happens to be on the autism spectrum, I know firsthand how important creative outlets are for people VSA Texas works hard to make art accessible across ALL abilities. Consider a gift today and BE the reason someone picks up a paintbrush or a camera. BE the reason someone follows their dreams.

$25 buys arts supplies for children attending one of our arts festivals

$50 provides professional development training for a teacher

$100 pays for an audio description receiver to assist patrons who are blind at theater and other events.

$350 sponsors a young person to participate in a New Media Arts summer camp.

$500 supports a Disabled Artist Veteran Writing Workshop

$1000 supports a 10-week teaching artist residency in a special education classroom.


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Goal: $500.00
Raised: $352.65