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Scare the Boobies
by Julie Cullen
Help support Scare for a Cure support the boobies.

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Scare for a Cure
by Brooke Garrett
Not only is Scare for a Cure an exciting, fun, and educational opportunity that brings a whole range of people together - it does so in order to support an incredible group that in turn provides invaluable support to people battling breast cancer. SCARE for a CURE truly makes a difference!

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Millie's Favorite Place
by Millie Buffington
I love being with all these human volunteers, to raise money for the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas. I'm like a mascot and supervise the volunteers that need to borrow tools to build our haunt every year with my mom. I love coming out to the site and getting lots of attention from all the volunteer kids. However, we do so much more than that. One year, we collected enough dog food to fill two suvs. We shared the food with a lot of different dog rescue groups. It made me very popular with the other dogs, since I'm a rescue too. This past year, we gave money to the Blake Manor Elementary Bulldog Backpack Program. This program provides backpacks of food to economically disadvantaged students so they will have food for the weekend. Their bulldog mascot is very cute and the students running the program sent us a pretty thank you card. We love that these young bulldogs are learning the importance of volunteering. Please support my extended family, so we can continue to give back.

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by Susan Pratt
SCARE for a CURE is where you can find me a lot of the time. We encourage kids to come out and make a difference. Contributions in the past have helped us provide cooler spaces and with more funding, we can make more spaces, teach more classes and help more charities. We have donated $235,000 to the BCRC; more than a ton of food to area food banks, dog food to a pet group, and funds to the Manor ISD clinic and SOS programs. We use the donations we are given to create a show. Through ticket sales, we increase the donations we are able to give.

Please donate.

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