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Jacquie's Crusaders
by Jessica Levesque
Jacquie has been attending WCS for the last 5 years. We are blessed to have found WCS, Jacquie is able to attend school in a loving, safe and fun environment thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff.

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Amplify WCS!
by evan mccormick
1 in 45 children and more than 3.5 million adults in the U.S. have autism. Autism is found everywhere - each of us has loved ones with autism, or we know people in our communities who are affected by autism. In different ways, autism affects us all. Right now, there are kids and families - your community members - who need your support. They are children with autism, and those that require unique
approaches to education; they are children that attend William's Community School. These unique students learn in different ways, and our 501c3 nonprofit
school was founded to give them the personal education they need and deserve. Our mission is to provide individualized and affordable education for these students, integrated therapy services to allow for their families to receive adequate resources and support, and to help the Austin autism community thrive. We cannot accomplish these goals without your help. This year, we are hoping to raise funds to replace two broken air conditioners!

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Elias' School Needs Help
by evan mccormick
As many of you know Elias isn't able to be educated in the public school system, so he attends a private school for children with Autism, Williams Community School. A school were he is safe, treated like a little boy with endless potential, and because of that he is thriving. When I say thriving, I mean more than the fact that he's finally enjoying school, I mean he's at or above grade level in all subjects. Having a special needs child is a lot of things, it's joy and pain and gratitude and advocacy and it's also exhausting both emotionally and financially. Every family at his school pays over $3,000 a month to send their child to Williams and with the exception of a few families, most are middle class or working class and have made sacrifices to be able to afford the tuition. Please help me raise $500 to contribute to the schools fund for 2x new AC units that are desperately needed before summer rolls around and brings months of 100+ temps.
Thank you,

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Support William's Community School!
by Anna Monas
William's Community School is a small non-profit private school located in North Austin, primarily serving students with developmental disabilities. I feel so fortunate to be in the midst of my fourth year as part of this community of teachers, children, and families.

I am hoping to raise funds to help improve the school for my students and colleagues, and am turning once again to family and friends for any help they might be willing to give. This year we are planning on using the money raised on new air conditioning units in preparation for those hot Austin summers. We are very excited that this year Amplify will be matching donations up to $10,000, so any money you donate will go twice as far for us.

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Warmhearted Inclusivity
by Larkin Odell
The CDC reports 1 in 68 children are born with autism. William's Community School (WCS) steps away from public controversies on causes and cures and focuses on the meaning of each child's profound gifts - diversity, curiosity, creativity, intelligence, and accomplishments.

Relationships are the cornerstone of a child's understanding of the world and her place in it. Walking into William's Community School, teachers and therapists are at eye level with the student's they are working. They are patient and warm. The practitioners at WCS spend their days trying to understand the individual voices of the child, appreciating the unique perspective the student brings.

I am lucky enough to spend my days playing with a group of 2-5-year-olds, with and without learning disabilities. While I may be the adult standing at the front of the classroom, the students are the real teachers. Each day, I have the opportunity to relearn to ask "why" and "how." I am reminded to slow down, be patient, take pleasure in simplicity, and keep my heart young. The students at WCS sustain me with hope, enrich my life, and make me proud to be an educator.

From a single room, homeschool, serving a couple of students, WCS has grown to 5 classrooms, serving 40 students, offering one-on-one and group sessions in Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Small class sizes and individualized education are paramount to our mission. To provide more quality services and grow our school family, I am turning to you, my friends, family, community, and supporters to donate $10 (or more). Your donation helps make funding possible for much-needed building renovations and additional therapy services for more children.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for helping WCS and me continue to create an inclusive and engaging educational facility that holds these incredible students!

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School needs air conditioners!
by Allison Gouris
We created the William Mosing Center to meet the educational needs of unique students who were not succeeding in the public schools. While many of the students have autism, we also educate students with a variety of special needs as well as typically developing students. As most of the families are middle or working class, we try to keep tuition affordable. Even with a very frugal budget, parents pay thousands of dollars to give their children the opportunity to learn. We desperately need to replace 2 air conditioners before the temperatures rise!
I have been fortunate to be a member of the Board of Directors since its inception. I am dedicated to helping this amazing group of educators, children, and parents.
Thanks for contributing!

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Support Jamus' Special School
by Tony Hall
William's Community School is a therapy school built on the strong philosophical belief that, given the right supports, every child can thrive. When Jamus started attending two years ago he had several areas where he was developmentally delayed. The turn around has been dramatic. This school is doing special things for special children.

Please support these special children.

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WCS - A/C Repair
by Tiffany Behning
Impact Statement
Our program promotes the development of imagination, self-confidence, and independence in our students. All activities are carefully planned to embrace and develop student's strengths and interests across seven key domains:

Personal, social, and emotional development
Language and literacy
Mathematics and problem-solving
Creative development
Environment and science
Critical thinking
Physical development
Only the most effective teaching practices, borne out of scientific research, are employed. An emphasis is placed on the use of Applied Behavior Analytic principles, Positive Behavior Supports, and social learning programs.

Our theme-based enrichment classes vary by semester but frequently include dramatic and fine arts, organic gardening, sign language, yoga, culinary arts, computers/technology, environmental stewardship and cultural studies.
Needs Statement
Some of our goals for 2018 include:
- replacing TWO leaking air conditioning units
- purchasing equipment for our therapy rooms
- funding a portable/modular home to expand our school capacity and programs
- carpet for motor room walls
- increased funding to expand speech/OT therapy programs
-increase benefits for teachers

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Let's come together!
by Gabby Sullivan
William's Community School is an amazing environment for children with special abilities! We work on targeted academic goals as well as social skills goals for each child individually. This year we are trying to raise enough money for new materials, a portable to expand our programs, and more equipment for our therapy rooms! Any donation is greatly appreciated and will definitely help!

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Help these children learn
by Kiran Sreekantham
Donate to William Mosing Center / William's Community School and help these children receive a better education. Visit http://williamscommunityschool.org/ for more information.

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Support Williams Community School
by Cindi Gaines
Williams Community School is a non profit private school located in North Austin, primarily serving student with developmental disabilities. This school has been a tremendous blessing to my son with autism, Jackson, as well as our entire family. Where the public school districts can be ill-equipped for the unique challenges facing our kids with disability, WCS thrives! With the statistics reporting 1 in 68 children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the need for appropriate and affordable educational opportunities is critical. Quite simply.....this school works! And, they need the help of our community to continue operating and growing. Jackson is in his 2nd year at WCS, and the progress I've seen in him in nothing short of remarkable. The staff includes teachers, assistants, OT, Speech , and an administration that cares for these kids like family. I drop Jackson off daily with a peace of mind knowing he will be cared for with respect, patience, and love and while receiving a great education. AND... he walks in happy, which is an immeasurable value for any parent.

Williams Community School is fundraising to reach very specific and necessary goals:
1. replacing 2 leaking air conditioning units
2. purchasing equipment for therapy rooms
3. funding a portable/modular home to expand the school capacity and programs
4. carpet for motor room walls
5. expand speech/OT therapy programs
6. increase benefits for teachers
WCS has a goal to raise $40,000 and Amplify Austin is matching up to $10,000. I would love to have my campaign contribute to their goal. This school is well beyond deserving! Please donate today!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Cindi Gaines
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Support Unique Education
by Emma Grimes
William's Community School is a small non-profit school and relies on generous donations to provide individualized education to students with a range of developmental disabilities. Please consider donating to this incredible place of learning! WCS has a goal to raise $40,000 and Amplify Austin is matching up to $10,000 so your donation goes twice as far.

Williams Community School is fundraising for the following:
1. replacing 2 leaking air conditioning units
2. purchasing equipment for therapy rooms
3. funding a portable/modular home to expand the school capacity and programs
4. carpet for motor room walls
5. expanding speech/OT therapy programs
6. increasing benefits for teachers

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Amplify WCS!
by Alana Scherer
William's Community School is truly both a community and a school. I absolutely love getting to be a part of so many children's families, watching them grow and change over the years. I have been both an employee and a parent at WCS for 2 years now. We have some great goals this year, both fun and functional, and I hope that we can raise the money to meet them! Our students are amazing, and deserve the best environment we can provide for them. And I can't tell you how terrific the staff at WCS is. They all give so much, every single day, and I absolutely love seeing them every morning when I come into work. It's a wonderful place to get to be a part of. If you have anything to give, please consider giving to our campaign. Thank you!

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Love our School!
by Kara Huss
Do you love to see children thrive, grow, and reach their potential? William's Community School is just that! We provide therapy and school services daily to 35 children ages 2-16 varying from students accessing our low-ratio private preschool to students on the Autism Spectrum receiving private school education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA therapy. Each student finding us because their families know that they are capable of more and deserve the best! Being a non-profit we can't provide these services without the support of our families. These co-workers, students and families are my extended family and are what I work daily for each day! Please help us provide them with the educational materials, sensory materials, and facilities they deserve. Ask me anytime if you want more information! Help me show the love!
We are currently working to fund a new AC system before the heat of the Texas summer, increase wages and benefits for staff, and fund programs.

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WCS MS. Molly's therapy class
by Molly Hils
William's Commnity School, in short, provides a unique education to very unique kids. I'm lucky to serve on a team of incredibly talented educators and therapist under one very small non profit roof to provide services to children and teens on the autism spectrum. I am apart of a family at WCS that goes above and beyond for each other in a very unique environment built around individualized education, communication, and most of all empathy for our fellow human. My students are my world. They are my greatest educators as well as my greatest friends. I feel honored every day to be in their lives and working with them to constantly become better versions of themselves. As a non profit school WCS needs your help which is why we have linked up with Amplify Austin for our spring fundraiser. A small donation is one step towards fixing two air conditioners in our building, more classroom materials, and furthering our outside therapy services like speech and OT. I'm personally asking 10 friends and family to be willing to give $10 to meet our class goal of $100.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Molly Hils
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